10 Best Sites Like Movietube

Are you searching for sites like movietube? Nowadays entertainment has become an important part of everybody’s life. People love watching movies and Tv series so there are various sites on which one can enjoy movies and Tv series. Movie tube was an extremely popular streaming site that lets you watch a vast library of movies and TV shows but Since the downfall of MovieTube, moviegoers are looking for similar sites to watch movies and free TV shows for entertainment purposes. Here is the list of the 10 best sites that look like movies or we can call it the best alternative to movies.

Here is the List of 10 best Sites Like Movietube

1. Putlocker


Putlocker is best and a similar site like movietube. It is an online index of hosted files and a website that can be used to broadcast movies and TV shows. Watching and streaming your favourite movies, TV shows and online sitcoms have conquered the world. This brilliant invention gave DVD and CD sellers a real benefit for their money. Users prefer to stay at home, relax on a lounger and watch their favourite movies online, instead of wasting time going to the DVD store. Putlocker was the most popular choice for users. It’s a simple, easy and effective step to upload a movie or video that attracts many users.

2. Tv Box

Tv Box

If you are looking for another substitute for the site like Movietube, then television is a great option. TVBox is a website that comes under the concept of a free television project, which also includes other sites. Interestingly, they do well in this category and prove to be a great option for movie websites like MovieTube. Its main purpose is essentially TV shows. This site may contain a television series that may not be available on other sites.

3. Solar films

Solar films

Solar movies is a complete substitute for a site like a Movietube because it is a platform for complete entertainment and offers totally free videos that you can enjoy. Solar Movie works for movies and TV shows and lists them by genre, country, ranking and chronological ranking. There are many kinds of movies and TV shows like adventure, crime, drama, mystery, horror, and so on. Solar films are suitable for movies and TV shows because they offer a wide variety of options. So it’s a great option to choose this alternative.

4. Popcorn time

Popcorn time

Popcorn time is the most streaming website with the most entertaining movies. Popcorn Time gives you access to all the latest shows and movies and is not geo-restricted either. You can also watch any type of full movie. This site has been running for a long time. and they have an incredible list of movies. After creating a profile in the era of popcorn, the site offers programs and movies categorized, which you can choose wisely. Popcorn time is the best option for you if you want a site like a movietube.

5. 123movies


123movies is another substitute for the site like movietube. It focuses mainly on television series. Regular viewers of current programs can visit this site. This site is absolutely free and can be used without any registration. So, this could be the best choice in the list of sites like Movie Tube. All shows and movies are sorted by genres, popularity and also by the most watched With this, you will be very easy to choose your type of shows or movies.

6. Primewire


Primewire is an amazing option for the alternate for a site like movies tube. You need to sign up for the site which is free and contains the very simple process. One of the amazing thing about this site is that movies can be downloaded from this but a software is required for that. This site uploads even those movies which are released recently. This site provides all types of video in HD quality. And searches can be made by categories. So this is one of the best substitutes for movie tube and also it is the most popular choice of the people so you should go for it.

7. Genvideos

If we talk about one more alternative for the site like movietube then it will be Genvideos. This signup process on this site is optional but if you signup there will be definitely some perks with it. But this is a great solution to watch any kind of movies or Tv shows according to your choice for free. On Genvideos site you will get the of most viewed, recent movies or you will get movies year wise. Also, you can search for movies in the search bar too.

8. Megashare


Megashare is a big name when it comes to listing movie sites like MovieTube. Although it works best for movies and you’re going to find fewer TV shows here, Megashare is still an organized and versatile platform for movie buffs. This site has arranged movie genre-wise so that it will be easy for the viewers to search their desired movies. It also provides the alphabetical list of the movies and search bar too. And also one can choose movie year wise which could be more easy to find movies.

9. Movies 4k

Movies 4k

Movies4k provides direct videos on the site. Movie4k does not require you to register on their site, which greatly reduces the hassle for users. In addition to this, you can sort the videos across different categories such as quality, release date and interesting categories defined by the site. Timely and database-rich, Movie4k is a great option for the list of sites like MovieTube.so Stream your favourite Movies or TV Shows online on Movie4k for completely free in full HD quality and download them to watch. So, start streaming of online movies now as it is an amazing alternative for the site like movie tube.

10. Xmovies 8

Xmovies 8

If you cherish movies on the web then Xmovies8 is the best choice for the site like movie tube. It is the best site that encourages you to watch diverse class motion pictures with a superior picture quality. XMovies8 site will assist you with streaming their most loved film at the best quality with no issues. So it will be fair to say that Xmovies 8 will be a perfect substitute for movie tube. So start streaming for X movies 8 for your desired movies or tv shows which you think will entertain you.


People love watching movies nowadays. There are so many sites like Movie tube where you all can watch any type of movie by your choice by simple sign up process. Alternatives for movie tube are so many as mentioned above so you can go for any of them which you like.