You Can’t Create Success Without Tapping Into Your Sources of Motivation

Sometimes life does not work because everything you do has no plan. You start each day with the best of intentions and expect to achieve success. However, it is not a hallmark film. Many situations in your life are out of your control. These unexpected moments derail your positive intentions. As leaders, we want to grow a business, move into a career, have better relationships, and create the freedom and margin to spend our time doing whatever we want.

You have more fulfilling feelings, hopes, and aspirations at the beginning of any new year than in the previous year. You will also start your year with resolutions, goals and plans to dominate. Even with the best strategies, something will knock you off course. You will undoubtedly experience the test of your resolve.

Choose success

When you experience heavy disappointment, you have a choice to make. You can decide that all the work you are doing is very hard to face and throw in the towel. Or, you can take a different path and decide to go through difficult experiences and learn the life lessons you are offering. Every experience of life creates moments of learning if you are willing to listen.

When you have finished your wounds and regrouped, you must stand back and return to work. If you have gone through a difficult time, you know that it is easy to be retaliated and committed to your goals. During any recovery period after feeling like a defeat, you have to tap into your sources of inspiration. You will need to be inspired and remember why you started this journey to create success.

Without motivation, your feelings, emotions and irrational apprehensions will feed on self-limiting beliefs that will affect your progress. A little voice will convince you that there is no way to recover. There will often be situations in life that are very difficult to handle. These situations can potentially hurt your motivation and determination to accomplish your goals. It is important to understand that inspiration is always there if you know how to tap into it.

“Change equals self-improvement. Push yourself to places you haven’t been before. “- Pat summit

Constant inspiration

If you are going to create success and accomplish your goals, then you will need to know how to inspire. What I am talking about is not the raw-raw kind of motivation that makes you feel good and then you crash. I am talking about tapping into coal which drives your train of success. Such motivation is more than emotion – it is motivation and the determination to make it through the circumstances that are trying to hold you back.

You need inspiration sources so that you can find inspiration whenever you need it. We live in an era where sources of inspiration are all around us in various platforms and mediums. Leaders can be motivated through inspiring and informative podcasts, blogs, videos, books, and others. The Internet and social media create a bubble that helps success-seekers quickly find inspiration through free, available and practical content.

You can find your favorite biography, inspirational quotes, series of books, speaker videos, and more so that you can take advantage of these sources of inspiration to focus and get inspired again. Self-awareness is essential in this situation because it helps you know what motivates you. Your sources of inspiration are going to be different from the next person. It can be music or watch a Joel Brown video. It can be books or listen to podcasts.

To create sustained motivation, you need to know which motivation sources are practical for you and how to use them. When you experience a jolt or moments of frustration, immediately reach for inspiration.

Inspiration can also be manifested through people. Friends, family members or other inspirational success seekers can help you move forward. You can join mastermind groups or other social clubs.

The best source of your inspiration is your main WHY and where you are going. It could be growing a business, starting a dream career, or building an extraordinary relationship. You should know that success is not the finish line. The journey to become the best version of myself is never ending.

Reaching success and creating a fabulous life should be your best source of inspiration. It gives you fuel to keep going despite the failures.

“Nourish your mind with great thoughts, because you will never go higher than you think.” – Benjamin Disraeli

stay motivated

Once you have created your primary sources of inspiration and know where to find them, commit to maintaining motivation consistently as part of your success routine. Create space and room in your schedule every day to get inspired again. You can think of it as a personal emphasis on personal development – you are taking care of yourself. This is the time to get your mind, body and soul right.

Creating a habit of staying motivated creates high performance which helps you do more in a focused way. It is that you become elite at what you do because you use one strategy that others will not. It takes a lot to become the best version of yourself. It takes tremendous strength to grow and work. You will need support. You cannot do this without proper motivation.

External circumstances and your emotions will overwhelm you without motivation. It can be completed in a year and the goals and dreams accomplished will be fulfilled. Use your sources of inspiration to get there.