Wsappx Causing High CPU Load! Why and What to do?

Do you know about wsappx and how it damage your cpu by put more load on it? Wsappx increase disk usage space which cause high cpu load sometimes.Users have come up with the problem of a Windows 10 PC running slower than usual even with running very few programs. If checking the Task Manager reveals that wsappx is consuming most of the CPU or Disk usage then this guide is for you.

This problem may also be listed under wsappx (3) or wsappx (2) with the numbers 3 and 2 indicating the processes which are grouped under the category. wsappx disk usage has been a major concern with users across the board.

In general, the CPU or Disk being run at almost a 100% is definitely not good news for your desktop or laptop. This goes on to show that is a tiny amount of space actually left to execute other essential programs. This will result in your computer turning into an unresponsive device with everything slowing down within the system. Wsappx disk 100% in windows 10 is found to be a huge problem among global internet users.

Tech enthusiasts have declared this to be a common problem with no all-encompassing and universal fix or solution which can guaranteed to work. By solving this problem, your PC or laptop is bound to work a lot faster and more efficient in many ways.

If a user expands the selection that reads “wsappx” then two or three associated window services may be listed as shown below:

AppX Deployment Service (AppXSVC)

This particular service offers support for the deployment of Store applications. One thing to remember about this service is that it is started only on demand and if associated disabled Store applications will not undergo deployment to the system and may even not function in the right way.

Client License Service (ClipSVC)

This particular service offers support for the Microsoft Store. The specific service is started on demand and when disabled applications are bought using the Windows Store then they won’t function properly.

Windows Store Service (WSService)

This specific service offers infrastructure support for the Windows Store. Just like the two services mentioned above, disabled applications bought through the Windows Store are assumed not to work correctly.

Wsappx Causing CPU Load

This particular program usually attempts to stop one of the services. For example, right clicking this in the Task Manager, or clicking the stop button in the Services manager may give an error message that states it cannot stopped.

The error message is displayed as   Windows could not stop the […] service on Local Computer. This could indicate either an internal service error or internal Windows error.  If this issue keeps up, then it is advisable to contact your admin.

Given below are all the major causes for the error to occur, and the fixes for the same: 

Method 1. Update Device Drivers

In most cases users having high Disk or CPU usage in the system are associated with faulty or incompatible device drivers. Therefore it is a wise move to regularly update device drivers. Here are the steps to update the device drivers:

1. Google the PC vendor name and go to their support page online. Key-in the computer number to check for new device drivers for download.

2. Post downloading the required device drivers, execute the setup guide to install the drivers, and restart your computer if needed a few times.

3. For beginners, Driver Easy app can be installed to automatically install the required device driver. The Driver Easy app will identify the system automatically and find the appropriate drivers for it. Users are not required to know the computer’s OS and make and model.

Method 2. Disable Windows Store

Expanding wsapps will show up two or three services listed under it as mentioned earlier on in this article.

You will see that, one of those services is Windows Store Service (WSService).

According to some users on the net, disabling the Windows Store through the Local Group Policy will aid in solving the 100% Disk usage issue. Given below is the sequence of steps to go about it:

1. Go to the “Run” option in your PC either using a comibination of windows key and R at the same time, or just click on the start menu and click on “Run”. Next, type in followed by pressing the return key or enter key.

2. Go to Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Store.

3. Next, right-click “Turn off the Store application” and click Edit.

4. Change the status to “Enabled”. Click “Apply” and OK to save the setting and click exit.

5. Restart your computer, for the changed settings to take effect.

In case the above two methods don’t work you can try these methods given below: 

Method 3. Check for Virus

In particular cases the wsappx issue may created by malware infections or viruses. The first step in this process is to scan your system with a good anti-virus program.

When the san completes you should remove any suspicious r unnecessary programs from your PC. You can then restart your PC and see the changes take effect.

If the problem still remains then you can try this other method:

Method 4. Execute a Disk Check

This method works best for users who have come across the problem only recently, while taking into account the disk check.  One should remember that the disk check could take some time to finish and if you do not require it at the beginning, you can skip over it. But it has be rescheduled again if required.

1. Go to the command prompt by going to the Start Menu>Run> and then type cmd.

2. At the User Account Control prompt, Click Yes.

3. The command prompt will displayed again. In that, you need to type in:
chkdsk.exe /f /r

4. Next press the return/Enter key and then type Y, which will confirm that you would like to execute the disk check the next time the computer is restarted.