World Telecom Day/World Information Society Day – We presents birthday wishes, festival

World Telecommunication Day / World Information Society Day : World Telecommunications and Information Society Day is an annual event that aims to raise awareness of the changes that the Internet along with other communication technologies can potentially bring towards strengthening the economy. day is celebrated May 17.

World Telecommunication Day / World Information Society Day

World Telecommunication Day / World Information Society Day
World Telecommunication Day / World Information Society Day

What is Telecom?

Telecommunication is the transmission of signals, words, messages, images etc. and is done over a distance


The historical significance of this day dates back to the year 1965, on the same day the first International Telegraph Convention was signed in Paris. In 2005, the World Summit on the Information Society was held where the United Nations General Assembly declared 17 May as the World Information Society Day. The focus was on what importance the technology has to offer. In March 2006, the United Nations General Assembly decided that the day would be celebrated every year. Since then it is celebrated every year.

What is the main purpose of making the day?

The main aim and objective of celebrating World Telecommunication and Information Society Day is to create awareness about the greatest potential use of internet along with prevailing information as well as communication technologies. This is done with the aim of increasing the use of technology and making people closer to technology than ever before.

Do we not know what is the extent of utility due to modernization and advancement of technology? Yes actually. The use of telephones, computers and radios has brought people closer as well as improvements in technology with which there has been a massive improvement. It is important for information to travel easily around the world as it relates to the extent of development in the said field. This is where World Telecommunications Day plays its part as it deals with how information travels around the world.

Telecom advancement is also related to how its usage has been maximized resulting in better communication as well as reduction in ‘internet rates’ along with ‘calling’.


The day sensitizes others about the need and importance of communication, with a main focus on the enhancement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Since, it is based on how information travels and is carried around the world. Therefore, thanks to the advancement of communication, the Internet has advanced where the main focus is on bridging the digital divide. One of the most striking examples of how telecommunications has made our lives easier through the use of the Internet. For example, in today’s era where internet has made it possible for people to fulfill their business needs even from their homes. As per the need, the operators have increased the broadband speed and systematically proven to play a vital role in tackling the challenges posed by any pandemic.

Considering the prime example where one can clearly see and note about the vital importance of communication in our lives, it is all set to be advanced.

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