World Schizophrenia Day

world schizophrenia day : World Schizophrenia Day is celebrated May 24 With the aim of making people aware about the disorder associated with schizophrenia as well as empowering people about the challenges faced by the patients.

Schizophrenia is a disease that is related to mental illness. According to the World Health Organization, it affects more than 21 million people worldwide. It is known as a mental condition where chemicals in certain parts of the brain are out of balance.

Due to the same, a person can be said to be ‘lost’ as there is not much coordination with feelings, thoughts and actions.

Schizophrenia can begin between ages 15 and 28 which is often referred to as the late adolescence or early adulthood stage.

The main objective of the day is to dispel superstitions as well as myths associated with mental illness.

world schizophrenia day

world schizophrenia day
world schizophrenia day


The day is observed to honor Dr. Philippe Pinel of France who has been instrumental in providing the best humane care and treatment for people suffering from mental illness.

One of the most common symptoms of sufferers is related to a confused state of mind, hallucinations and delusions. They may wander aimlessly, grumble or laugh at themselves. Facial expressions can give the impression that their mind is focused elsewhere. So, they are definitely not in the right frame of mind.

This problem is seen more in men than in women. The severity of the disease may be seen in men as their chances of recovery are reduced.

Schizophrenia – Treatment and Management

The basic issue associated with schizophrenia is that the only cure is how to take appropriate remedial steps so that it does not progress. Therefore, the treatment works to provide relief as there is really no cure for it. Therefore, treatment consists of counseling, antipsychotic medication with coordinated specialized care. Considering the stigma attached to the disorder, it is important that the sufferer receives timely medications and treatment. In this process, sensitization should be done in the direction of making people aware and educated, so that this myth can be busted.

Schizophrenia magnitude and impact

  • According to the data received from the World Health Organisation, which says that more than 20 million people are affected by it worldwide. The person concerned is considered to be significantly incapacitated and affects professional performance and education.
  • They are twice to three times more likely to die early than others.
  • Mental health is an important stage that defines the overall functioning of the body. In other words, without healthy mental health a human being cannot be physically healthy.
  • It is becoming quite a serious mental health disorder that affects the life of the patient on a daily basis.
  • People are wrongly under the impression that people with schizophrenia have a dual personality, which is just a myth and has no real relevance and significance. Patients with schizophrenia have only one personality.

how to follow the day

One needs to know more about the day and the challenges that the victims face, so that we can become more emotional and welcoming towards them.

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