World Metrology Day

world metrology day : World Metrology Day is a symbol of the world’s cooperation towards improving services. seen on May 20This is done through collaboration in the science of measurement, and especially in its industrial, commercial as well as social applications. It creates a positive and significant change towards enhancing life in a more sophisticated and advanced way by protecting the environment around the world.

world metrology day

world metrology day
world metrology day


History is witness to the first event which took place on 20th May at the signing of the Meter Conventionth, 1875. The original aim and purpose was to ensure worldwide uniformity of measurement and this important aspect holds great importance even today.

Considered to be one of the oldest treaties that have become part of the same, it has achieved about 130 years of practical implementation of positive change and success by ensuring an enhanced and accurate measurement in the global world.

The implementation of measurement has seen such a positive change that it now extends to the areas of nanotechnology as well as biological standards.

The contribution of the meter convention has been enormous and 21scheduled tribe The meeting was organized by the General Conference on Weights and Measures in October 1999 which declared that 20 Mayth Known as “World Metrology Day”. Since then, it has become an annual festival.


The day also gives importance to how a uniform system is achieved across language boundaries for different countries.

The basic essence of the day was fulfilled when the various participating countries came together around the world for a practical implementation of measurement setting, which brought about uniformity among the scientific community.

This achievement has certainly had a positive impact, becoming one of the most significant landmarks experienced in science laboratories to date.


The ‘science of measurement’ gives one of the most profound and obvious reasons to try different approaches when it comes to innovation, as well as create more effective approaches to scientific discovery. Similarly, it has been able to effectively implement the practice of industrial manufacturing by promoting global trade as well.

World Metrology Day marks the right, important and precise measurement where scientific communities need to introduce a standard measurement system that can work with different countries of the world.

how to celebrate the day

The day which is mainly based on the importance and use of science, so you can share your scientific stories alike on social media using #WorldMetrologyDay.

The theme for 2021 is ‘Measurement for Health’ which as its name suggests, reflects the important role it plays towards creating a positive health-based approach. It is directly related to the health and well-being of the people by creating a healthier world.

The world has witnessed the advancement of national metrology institutes which open up new ways of creating measurement techniques as they evolve continuously. Therefore, the world opens up to a landscape that has advanced as the news is certainly promising to say the least.

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