World Lupus Day –We presents birthday wishes, festival

world lupus day : May 10 Every year is observed as World Lupus Day. Lupus is a name that scares everyone deep inside. However, the harmful force inside does not allow it to overwhelm us. Even if people have rashes and have trouble going out in the sun. We suffer from fatigue, kidney and joint problems along with mouth ulcers for a long time, and unfortunately, this problem gets aggravated in the form of swelling on the lymph nodes as well as considerable hair loss. . All these symptoms are terrible depending on the severity of the disease.

world lupus day

world lupus day
world lupus day


World Lupus Day was started by Lupus Canada in 2004 with the aim of making others aware of the disease because of its potentially devastating effects.

It was a collaborative effort in which thirteen countries participated with the aim of persuading their governments to increase funding so that proper research could be done and similarly better medical facilities could be provided. Hence, this day is celebrated annually.


The purpose of World Lupus Day is to make the public aware of how much population it has taken in its progress. Yes, where 5 million people are suffering from it around the world and a large part of 1.5 million people in the US alone are facing the brunt of it.

The disease arises due to the stage where lupus causes the immune system to become overactive which makes antibodies that directly attack healthy tissue resulting in pain accompanied by inflammation. Currently, research is underway to find out the exact cure for the disease, as there is no such cure. Unfortunately, people are confused because they mistakenly think of it as arthritis, which is a less ‘serious disease’. Another bad thing is that people keep facing this disease until they come to know about it, until they get a diagnosis.

Therefore, due to the widespread misconceptions arising out of little or no knowledge about the disease, World Lupus Day was created, where appropriate sensitization can be done, so that it educates people about the necessary measures to combat the disease. Tell me.

ways to celebrate the day

Lupus Day marks the event where the main color of attraction turns “purple.” Yes, this is the time when people can show support by wearing ‘purple robes’ or ‘wrists’ with the phrase “Help us solve the brutal mystery” engraved on it. Similarly, the online platform also offers you to do your duty as concerned citizens where you can visit their official website and sign a pledge that you will sensitize the medical community and politicians about the plight of those affected. Going to make them sensitized.

There are also a range of other online mechanisms where you can play your part. For example, replacing the Facebook profile with the World Lupus Day logo becomes another step towards sensitization. Online access appears to be the easiest and quickest way for victims to show their consent. So, work your way towards creating a landscape where there is hope and positivity and a willingness to help each other.

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