World Book Day: best gifts for book lovers 2021

What do you get for a bookworm who has read them all? Do you risk buying a page-turner that they have already eaten?

Instead of scouring Richard and Judy’s book club and being included on the second list of Sunday Times bestsellers, it’s time to think outside the box to thrill bisexuals in your life.

With World Book Day around the corner, we are here to help you avoid book-related defects with a list of the best gifts for book lovers in 2021. You will definitely want to bookmark it!

Best personal gift for book lovers

Personalized book about you

Forget Mr. Darcy and Mary Poppins, shake up their reading list with a book about them! A great way to celebrate a milestone birthday or celebrate a special occasion, the personalized book is filled with fun facts about you and the lucky recipient’s birthday and unique name from cover to cover! The Think Star deals with Sign Insights, facts about their birth year, and top toys and treats from their childhood.

With a range of color options and a choice of hardback or softback cover, this personalized book gift is made extra special as it unfolds with their name and a personal message written by you on the first page.

Book about you

Best Book Gift for Harry Potter Fans

The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour and After Tea for Two

Let me tell you that anyone can give you Dumbledore with the most magical gift a young Muggle could ever desire. The Harry Potter Studio Tour experience veils the world of wizarding, with Daejeon Ale, Gringotts Wizarding Bank and The Forbidden Forest, as well as the chance to veil a flagon of Butterbeer.

After all the spell-casting and sweep-flying, it is a feast time worthy of any young witch or wizard. This luxurious experience includes the stunning Mercure Hunton Park Hotel’s delicious tea, complete with sandwiches, cakes – and of course – fluffy with jam and clotting cream. Just spelled.

Harry Potter tour build

Best personal story books for couples

‘The Husband’ and ‘The Wife’ Personalized Ladybird Books

Who said that love was dead? Understand how your husband and wife both work with your other half tongue-in-cheek instructional book. The husband is the perfect Father’s Day or birthday gift for his husband, while the Wife will make a hilarious anniversary gift – although we can’t guarantee you won’t end up at the Doghouse.

Featuring classic ladybird illustrations and brilliantly playful text, this book can be personalized with your partner’s name on the front cover, as well as a thoughtful message on the opening page to let them know that you really love them Yes, warts and all!

Husband book

The best gift for lovers of children’s books

Matilda The Musical Theater Ticket Two

Whether you are a child, a teenager, or old as Mrs. Mrs. Trunchbull, the magic of Ronald Dahl’s children’s book is sure to be a hit with the whole family. In the Royal Shakespeare Company’s highly acclaimed Matilda the Musical you will be foot-tapping all over the house to the tunes of Tim Minchin. And for the next month too!

Having won 16 awards for Best Music as well as 85 awards worldwide, Matilda is a cool West End show, performed at the beautiful Cambridge Theater in London. You will not regret joining this clever little girl on her journey to conquer the cruel adult in her life and escape Choki with the help of Miss Honey.

Best Book Gift for Mystery Buffet

How to Novel a Three Month Book Club Membership for One Person

Know a bookworm who loves a good thriller? We only got a page-turner. Offer them a three-month subscription to Novell, a mystery-ridden online book club like no other! Each month, your recipient will vote on a variety of entertaining mystery novels, with the winning group sent to the entire group. After everyone has finished reading, when the real fun begins – it’s time to discuss!

A truly unique and special gift, Howell invited the entire group to join an interactive online discussion where they could share ideas, set aside theories and get to the bottom of every turn and Can change in the plot. After staring down the same four walls in a year, this gift is a great way to meet new like-minded people and make a whole new discovery of exciting novels! result.

How to Novel a Three Month Book Club Membership for One Person

Best Walking Tour for Book Lovers

Agatha Christie’s London Tour for Two People

You don’t have to be Miss Marple to find out that this is a wonderful gift! The Agatha Christie London Walking Tour is an immersive look into the world of the great dame, from the regions that inspired her to her own touring venues.

Spanning two hours, expect an expert tour guide to learn tons of insider knowledge about the writing and life of a famous crime writer as you track Christie’s history throughout the capital. The journey begins in Euston Square and explores areas and sites such as Mayfair, Chinatown, The Garrick Club and the British Museum before ending at Green Park.

Agatha Christie's London Tour

Best Membership Gift for News Junkies

Three months subscription for easy reading with access to more than 5,000 magazines and newspapers

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your baby in your life? say no more. This three-month subscription gift to Reedley would be to jump-start his inner news for pleasure.

Provides unlimited access to thousands of magazines and newspapers – from The Guardian to Women’s Health and GQ – at the touch of a button. All your recipients must download the app for offline reading on a mobile phone or tablet.

Also, in an age where recycling and degrading our spaces are top priorities, a digital gift such as this is a great way to deliver continuous gifts. Give yourself a high five.

Three months subscription for easy reading with access to more than 5,000 magazines and newspapers

Please a bookworm on this world book day

Start a new chapter and get creative with your literary gifting in 2021. Whether you choose an experience or personal story book, you are sure to be your book lover’s favorite character. Take a look at our full selection of the best gifts for book lovers or sign up to our newsletter and get more gift inspiration right in your inbox!