World Bicycle Day

world bicycle day : World Bicycle Day is celebrated on 3 June. It is the epitome of eco-friendly as well as economical means of transport which opens up a healthier world for fit and well being alike.

The day equally emphasizes the importance of sustainability to meet the needs of reaching places without harming the environment. It is true that cycling gives an effective reason for overall development of physical and mental health. It’s an obvious choice for doctors to recommend for people who want to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Since, it provides a great workout to keep one active to attain healthy health.

It is very important to be physically active to get a fit body. Whereas continuous workout can make such a blessing in terms of protecting the body from obesity, heart disease, diabetes, mental ailments as well as arthritis and many more. So, if one wants to have a life free from diseases, then riding a bicycle has made a pleasant change that minimizes many risks to say the least.

world bicycle day

world bicycle day
world bicycle day


The United Nations General Assembly has realized and understood the immense importance that the bicycle has been producing for over 2 centuries. Therefore, the organization has dedicated June 3 as World Bicycle Day. This indeed sends a positive signal to the stakeholders who understand the immense use of bicycles for sustainable development, promoting health services, social inclusion as well as enhancing a culture of peace.


The celebration of this distinguished day sensitizes the member states to undertake various development strategies by involving the cycle in various regional, national, international as well as sub-national development policies and programmes.

It also enjoins Member States to enhance road safety while merging with sustainable mobility and providing better transportation infrastructure. In the aspect of road safety, the interest of pedestrians should be viewed with the highest respect, where appropriate sensitization is done while building the mobility of cycling to create more healthy outcomes.

Let’s take a look at the health benefits of cycling

Cycling is also related to an aerobic activity that promotes the well-being of the heart, lungs and blood vessels. This results in making an overall fit body.

  • It lowers the stress level
  • It improves joints and bones
  • It reduces the level of fat in the body
  • It lowers the extent of depression as it has become a normal phase of our life
  • It controls obesity and controls increasing body weight

So considering the benefits associated with cycling, it is true that it has become a great exercise which is not only healthy for the mind and body but also friendly to the environment. This day reaffirms these beautiful aspects for a healthy and promising future.

How is the day celebrated?

The day also encourages the member states to create a conducive landscape for the promotion of cycling services. This is done through organizing cycle rides at the local as well as national level which in the process directly promotes physical and mental health as well.

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