World Bee Day

world bee day : Bees symbolize one of the most industrious creatures on earth who indirectly work for the biggest and noble cause of ‘people’, ‘plants’ and importantly ‘environment’. World Bee Day is celebrated on 20 Mayth, annually. This day speaks about the important role that bees play for the ecosystem along with other pollinators.

Mother Nature seems to have specially chosen ‘bees’ to increase the production of fruits and seeds as well as enhance their quality as well as make them equally nutritious and delicious. This is possible because of the utmost dedication and hard work where they carry the pollen from one flower to another.

Apart from bees, there are also birds and bats which have a direct impact on the 35% increase in the production of crops.

world bee day

world bee day
world bee day


The United Nations has specially allocated 20 Mayth December 20, 2017 as World Bee Day by passing a resolution.


What was needed was a day to raise awareness about the benefits and usefulness of pollinators. At the same time, they are currently contributing towards sustainable development along with latent threats. As people become more and more vulnerable, they automatically work toward a goal that takes stringent measures as well as measures to protect bees along with other pollinators. This aspect becomes an important mechanism towards addressing problems directly related to the global food supply. This basically means that it is going to work towards fully addressing the issues of hunger in developing countries.

importance of the day

The day marks an important mechanism highlighting the role in which bees, along with other pollinators, contribute to the health of ‘plants’ and ‘people’.

However, cause for concern has been a significant decline in bees as well as other allied creatures and pollinators. Since, they are registering increasing threats from human related activities. Therefore, it is important for everyone to create a collective approach to promoting action that will protect and enhance pollinators as well as their habitats. This will directly serve to improve their strength and diversity.

things we should know

There is a serious threat to bees as the current extinction rate is alarming. They are 100 to 1000 times more than what is believed in the normal environment and the main reason for this has been human influence. Another alarming statistic relates that about 35% of invertebrate pollinators such as bees and butterflies are facing global extinction.

There are many important reasons which are continuously moving towards its extinction process where climate change, increasing use of pesticides, change in the way of land use at present, etc. have added to the problems of bees.

Steps we can take :-

  • To create the possibility of pollen at different times of the year, we need to plant a diverse set of native plants
  • We can buy raw honey from local farmers
  • Pesticides are the death knell for bees, so we should avoid them as much as possible

how can we celebrate the day

We need to sensitize others by sharing information with the general public, to ensure a collective approach to prevent rising extinction levels.

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