Windows 10 taskbar not hiding and How to fix it?

Probably, 400 million people use windows 10 as their operating system and millions of those will have the urge to hide the taskbar so that they get extra space or display on the desktop. Many of us face the problem of windows 10 taskbar not hiding from the screen.

The Issue with window 10 taskbar

Such issues are not frequent. They work pretty well most of the time. However, this issue is as hard as you think it is, to resolve. Also, it is important that you know this is not automatic.

The major reason for the taskbar to be visible is that the program or app demands attention. In fact, this is as for a temporary period.

Further, the program icon flashes to notify you to interact with it. This might happen when certain operations of the programs get completed or when you receive calls or messages or emails.

Mostly, it is solvable by simply clicking on the program or the visible app icon. This is to confirm that you have checked it and further notifications are not required. The taskbar hides it automatically.

Apps that run in the background might require attention. However, this is not a very usual case. When the app that is currently running in the background shows a change in the icon (as sometimes, the number of messages/emails are shown) this is where the issue arises.

Here, we come up with a fix to this problem. Just follow the steps and you would get rid of the taskbar in a matter of seconds.

How to Fix Windows 10 taskbar not hiding issue

Hiding of the taskbar was always an integrated option from the previous versions of the windows. We have to follow the same steps in windows 10 as well.

The option to hide the taskbar can be found in settings > personalization > taskbar. With the screen of taskbar settings in front of you, you might find two options to choose from, they being:

  • Automatically hide the taskbar in the desktop mode.
  • Automatically hide the taskbar in the tablet mode.

If you are using a desktop operating on windows 10 then click the above option to hide and for the people who use tablets with windows 10 go with the second option.

With this fix, 90% of the times the taskbar goes away automatically. But even if it still refuses to hide, we still have a fix to have it hidden.

Windows 10 Taskbar not Hiding

If you have already done with the setting changes as mentioned above and still the taskbar is not hidden then most likely chances are that some application must have a notification which is being displayed on the taskbar. If any program or application wants to have your attention it gives out a notification which is displayed on the taskbar making it visible.

So, how to fix windows 10 taskbar?

Easy, open the task manager. Task manager is found by right clicking on the taskbar and clicking on the task manager option or use the shortcut keys to open the same (ctrl + shift + ESC).

As the screen pops up with the task manager window, many processes are displayed. Processes which are running at the moment are found here.

In the processes, you need to find windows explorer process and left click on it. By left clicking it, you have chosen the process and now the computer awaits on what action is to be taken in the process. You need to restart windows explorer by clicking on the restart option on the task manager window.

With this, your taskbar should hide automatically even when you are in the full screen mode thus overcoming the problem of windows 10 taskbar not hiding in full screen.

How to check windows 10 taskbar?

After doing all this, one needs to check if the taskbar is automatically hiding or not. Just click on any blank spot on the desktop and see if the bar is hiding. Make sure your mouse is not on the taskbar as it would hide if there.

Windows 10 taskbar not hiding YouTube full screen

While you are enjoying a video streaming on YouTube, with you entering the full screen mode, still the taskbar does not hide makes feel irritated.

To hide the taskbar while you enjoy the full screen streaming just follow the steps which are mentioned above.

Task Manager -> Processes -> Windows Explorer -> Left Click -> Restart.

With this, the problem of window 10 taskbar not hiding in YouTube full screen is solved. As a matter of fact, not only for YouTube but u may find it hidden when you are watching video on your video player.

In fact, windows 10 taskbar not hiding in games can be solved through these configurations.

If the problem still persist, how to fix it?

Some people still do experience the problem even after changing the setting and restarting the windows explorer.

How to overcome windows 10 taskbar?

As mentioned earlier, the taskbar may still be in its place and refuse to hide because of some application requiring your attention hence persisting the problem of windows 10 taskbar not hiding in full screen. The notification is given out through icons. While some icons are displayed on the taskbar many of those are hidden behind the small arrow.

To know which icon is giving out the notification, it’s easier when all the icons are displayed on the taskbar. To get all the icons on the taskbar follow the steps:

Settings -> personalization -> taskbar -> select which icons to be displayed under notification area -> show all icons in the notification area.

By selecting the last option, you will find all the icons on the taskbar making it easier to locate the culprit.

With you giving the required attention to the icon, you will later find the taskbar being automatically hidden giving you the extra space on the desktop.

If the icon still gives out notification regularly, then you might consider disabling the notification for that particular icon or hide the application from the displayed area.

Hence, if you are having problems of the taskbar not hiding, you might consider following the tips given above which might help you with the problem.