Why “What’s the Point?” Is My Favorite Question to Ask

I once went to a modern art museum with a friend who was also an artist. We were looking at what was, to me, a particularly challenging piece of art that was just a huge white canvas with a square of black in the middle. I asked my friend, “Why would anyone do this? What’s the matter?” And his simple answer was, “Well, in some cases, just because they can.” Oddly enough, it was a satisfactory answer to my question.

What is the matter? I love asking that question. “What is the matter?” The benefits are numerous. It is a simple and effective way to get to the bottom of every issue. This reduces the noise and makes it mandatory. However, I think if you ask this question to others, sometimes it can be somewhat rude. If you are given a task by a supervisor and you ask them “What’s the matter?” You may not have that job for very long. If your partner asks you about the future of your relationship over a romantic dinner and you answer “What’s the matter?” You can get a glass of Chardonnay on your face.

No, when you ask, “What’s the matter?” In fact, the best person I’d suggest is “What’s the matter?” To – repeatedly and intentionally – are you. I’m not suggesting that this question should be asked out of vain: You’re not throwing your hands up and saying, “Oh what’s the matter?!” Instead, this question is a launching pad for self-assessment. To be honest with yourself about how you spend your time and what value you get from what you do on a daily basis.

Why ask this particular question? Because life is short! We have a limited amount of time here on earth to do what we want to do, so be honest, while constantly assessing the point of it all, and then do something about it, is important for success and overall happiness.

There are four places in life where I ask myself “What’s the matter?” all the time While these aren’t the only areas where you can ask this question, they are a good start. I encourage you to ask yourself:

1. What is the meaning of my work…?

When I started my company, I started with the simple goal of helping people get their voices heard on social media. It is our central goal to give our customers a platform to share their stories, services and ideas. However, I need to continually re-evaluate that goal and ask whether we — especially I — are focused on that mission. In Good to Great, Jim Collins encourages business leaders to reflect on their company’s core competency and focus relentlessly on that one thing.

to be great in that one purpose Is Point. Since most of us spend at least 40 hours a week at work, we must always ask ourselves, What’s the matter? If it’s “making money” or “keeping food on the table,” those are valid reasons, but is it enough for you to feel satisfied? Is work giving you what you need? Does it have any purpose beyond mere existence?

“All truths once discovered are easy to understand; The point is to find them.” – galileo galilei

2. What is the point of my hobby?

While I used to dance professionally, hip-hop dancing remains a passionate hobby of mine. What’s the point of hobbies? For me, this is my chance to get away from it all. Dance gives me an opportunity to break away from the day-to-day stresses of life. It allows me to express myself and use my body in such a way that it is not possible to sit at a computer all day. Psychologists agree that hobbies are important for a balanced, well-lived life. What do you mean by hobbies?

Are you passed Hobby? Let’s start there. If you have no hobbies and the reason is “Because I don’t have time.” So you should return to the question above. Even if you have a hobby, you should continue to self-evaluate. Does your hobby still bring you joy? rest? Or has your hobby become a habit you’re afraid to break? Only you know the answer, but you have to start by asking questions.

3. What is the meaning of my relationship…?

This is probably the toughest question, as it can obviously affect some important relationships in your life. However, it is always important to ask. Friendships may become old and their expiration date may have passed. Romantic relationships can be toxic. Is it time to ask Marie Kondo some of your relationships and ask if they still spark joy? You keep the friendships/relationships that make you happy, but if you’re watching a conversation with a particular person and repeatedly asking, “What’s the matter?” So maybe it’s time to let that person out of your life. Again, I know it’s challenging, but remember that The ultimate goal It’s important to be honest with yourself about what’s important to you.

4. What is the essence of life?

I’m a huge lover of life – I can’t help it. Success for me is simply being able to do what I love every single moment of the day and helping others do what I love and care about. People are more important than things. I look in the mirror at the end of every day and ask myself if I have followed actions that allow me to do what I love. What was the matter today? That little self-evaluation at the end of the day gives me the energy to wake up the next morning and do it again. String up a bunch of those little self-appraisals that say “What’s the matter?” The mirror talks together, and you begin to live a life well enough for yourself.

What’s the matter for you?