Why Bangles Should Be The Next Gift For Your Girlfriend

Keeping your girlfriend happy is a difficult task. No matter what you do, it’s going to fall short for that. But today I help you with something that will add a glow to your girlfriend’s face. We are going to list some bangles that will surely please her.

Bangles add a square to any woman wearing them. This made her look completely attractive which makes her instantly attractive. There is a reason why they are so famous with them. Bangle is a piece of jewelery that matches with every style. No matter which occasion they may be worn by their girlfriend.

When you give your girlfriend something, give her something that is durable and that creates a memory for her. Bangles are just the perfect gift that are long lasting and remind you every time she wears it.

In today’s world where new trends are launched every day, very few things happen that never lose their style and bangles are one of them. With fashionable fashion clothes and accessories you have to worry about when they may be out of fashion. But when it comes to bangles, they are evergreen, they suit every style and occasion.

Some tips while buying bangles:

  • Whenever you buy a bangle, make sure that it is at least 4 to more inches larger than the wrist.
  • Always choose high quality bangles as they are something that she will wear for a long time and low quality bangles will not last long. Also, high quality bangles will have a different feel for them.
  • Buy a bangle that matches her skin tone. Buy a design and color tone that will suit her perfectly, as it will make the bangle more attractive.

Bangles can be divided into different types according to their construction:

Solid bangles:

These are the most common type of bangles found in the market. The reason for its popularity is its strength. They are not easily breakable and last a long time. You can wear them everyday without any issue. Buying the right size is very important when it comes to these types of bangles as it can get stuck on the knuckles if the size is small and there is no way you can resize them.

Stretchable bangles:

These types of bangles are especially famous on party occasions. He has an opening at both ends. All you need to do is stretch and slide on your arm. With these bangles you do not have to worry about size, as they can be expanded when the size is small.

Hinge bangles:

These bangles are worn by opening the hinge of bangles and rubbing it in your hands. You secure the hinge after wearing it. The hinge makes it really easy to wear.

There are bangles for every occasion. The bangles add glamor to what she wears with it, adding an oomph factor to everything. The bangle reflects the wearer’s fashion style and taste. They grace whoever wears it. Bangles can be worn on some occasions below:


Every girl loves to dress up for a party and a bangle is something that can really compliment her style. They add glamor to her style. Also party bangles are quite a popular fashion accessory.

Special Occasion:

Dressing without a bangle for a special event is always going to leave something empty in your style. Bangles are impressive to wear, especially diamond and gemstone bangles that showcase your class. Any dress without a bangle is going to look dull.


Your girlfriend does not need a reason to wear a bangle. It can be worn anytime that she likes. This is something girls like to wear in their day to day activities. Very few fashion accessories can be worn in a day.

Hand is empty without a bangle. Below are some hand bangles from which you can choose to gift your girlfriend.

1. Pandora Shine Moments Sliding Bangle

This bangle is from the 18k Pandora Gold Plated Shine Collection. It is made of gold overlaid silver. It is 21 cm in length and weighs 18 grams. It also has two sparkling stones inside the metal beads at the end which make the bangles attractive.

The bangle can be adjusted to fit the wrist, which is a big plus when you are confused about which size to buy. They also come with the original Pandora packaging and are completely authentic. You can’t do it wrong by buying it for your girlfriend.

2. Tory birch hinge cuff bracelet

It is a hinge bracelet made of gold, made of brass. What makes this bracelet different is the polished orb in the end caps. This bracelet really stands out and is something that you don’t see regularly. This bracelet can be worn on any occasion. It will also match perfectly with a watch. You don’t have to think much with this one.

3. Michael Kors: Fulton Hingle Bangle

It is a hinge bangle with a crystal stud band. It is available in two colors: Rose Gold and Silver. It has a diameter of 2.3 inches and a width of 0.25 inches. Again this being a hinge bracelet you will not face any size issues with it.

4. Sterling Silver Diamond Double Not Bangle Bracelet

This bangle would be good to add to your girlfriends’ fashion accessories due to its classic style. This bangle has a figure-eight knot design with diamonds. They are tying silver bangles with rhodium plating on them.

5. Swarovski Rhodium Plated White Crystal Large Bangle

This rhodium plated bangle is available in silver color with cubic zirconia gemstones on them. Its length is 4.3 inches. It has feather designs on both ends which are currently popular and make bangles really attractive. It has a shimmering crystal pave that makes your winter outfits look great.

6. Ross-Simmons 5 Textured Bang Bracelets

These bangles are 18k gold on sterling silver bangle set. These bangles ring for free and can be moved for wearing. Bangles can be worn on many occasions, leave it for work going on in your office or somewhere outside. The best thing about this bangle set is that they already fall within the gift box. So you do not have to worry about bangles packing gifts for your girlfriend. These bangles are ideal as a gift for your girlfriend, especially if she likes to wear many bangles on her hand.

7. Tory Burch Heinz Bangle

This stainless steel bangle from Tory Burch has small logo studs giving it a sleek style. They are available in two colors: gold and silver. They also have push-lock clasps. Its length is 18.5 cm.

8. Swarovski Crystal Fresh Bangle

This bangle has a different and unique design. It will suit your girlfriend’s modern fashion style. It is made of rhodium plated metal. These bangles are covered with sparkling crystals that add sparkle to your wrists. It is 6.2 cm in length and weighs 21.8 grams.

9. Ross-Simons Italian Andayamo Yellow Gold Bangle

These bangles offered by Ross-Simmons are made of 14k yellow gold. These are clap free and slip on. Italian jewelery is famous for its style and these bangles are no different. They would be a nice addition to your girlfriend’s wardrobe collection. The resin cores in the bangle give it extra strength which makes this bangle ideal for everyday use, so that they do not worry about long lasting. These bangles are shipped with a gift box that makes it easy to gift your girlfriend for any occasion. It is 8 mm in thickness and 7.5 inches in length. This bangle comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and is made in Italy.

10. Swarovski Penelope Cruz Moonson Bangle

These Penelope Cruz bangles are a masterpiece. Not only are they beautiful, but also affordable. They have real crystals and are superb in quality. You can gift this trendy trio to your girlfriend and impress her with your choice. They have cubic zirconia gemstones and a spring ring clasp. They are 4.3 inches in length and available in two sizes: medium and large.

Why a Bangle Gift?

You may be wondering why you should gift a bangle when there are many other things that can be gifted. Bangles are something that your girlfriend will wear everyday or on special occasions and it will remind you every time. It helps to create long lasting memories unlike clothes or anything else, which will throw her once bored with it. Also, bangles are a unique way of expressing your love towards him.

In the end I hope you will find the perfect bangle for her from the bangles listed above. All of them are of reputed manufacturers and of superb quality and design. You will not do wrong with them.


Why Bangles Should Be The Next Gift For Your Girlfriend

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Why Bangles Should Be The Next Gift For Your Girlfriend

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We have made a list of the top 10 bangles to gift your girlfriend to buy your girlfriend the perfect bangle.



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