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Which Aamir Khan’s Movie Character are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Ella! Hey, what do you say! Thinking about Aamir Khan? Known as a perfectionist, he was born on March 14 and is a Pisces. Aamir Khan is known for playing different characters in all his films. Every character is so different and he really portrays it perfectly. As a true fan, you can relate with some of his characters. Well, we went a step further and we differentiated their characters according to different zodiac signs. Are you eager to know The character of Aamir Khan’s film is based on your zodiac sign.The If yes, then scroll down to see which character you share your zodiac with!

Firangi Mallah of Aries of Hindustan – Aries

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Aries people are fierce, brave and ascetic. Firangi Sailor in Thugs of Hindostan is like you!

Ajay Singh Rathore of Sarfarosh – Taurus

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ACP Ajay Singh Rathore won our hearts with his intelligence, diligence and dedicated attitude and stubbornness. Guess whose specialty it is? Yes, we are talking about the Taurians.

Rang De Basanti’s Daljeet ‘DJ’ – Mithun

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Any given attitude of the DJ is certainly not synonymous with Gemini. They are jowl and extrovert and our Daljeet from Rang De Basanti!

Sanjay Singhania of Ghajini – Cancer

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Surrender to work and Sanjay’s way of loving and caring is exactly what cancer is famous for. He is also vengeful when he speaks of loved ones like him. Don’t you agree?

Mahavir Singh Phogat-Leo of Dangal

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You just have to mix willpower, never give up attitude, and discipline and Leos have got it all to be the next Mahavir Singh Phogat.

Surjan Singh Shekhawat of Talaash- Kanya

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Losing her son was not entirely okay. But Surjan Singh Sekhawat’s character was certainly hardworking, reliable, patient, kind and stubborn. Virgos, very relatable?

Andar apna apna ka amar manohar – Libra

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The word ‘Ella’ says it all. Extremely comic and a funny character, Amar is undoubtedly Libra.

Secret Superstar’s Shakti Kumar – Scorpio

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Shakti Kumar is a soft-hearted and quirky person. She is also supportive and caring. And, all four characteristics show that he is a scorpion!

P. K. Pk-dhanu

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Hilarious and honest, there are two words that define PK very well. Another word that comes to our mind, which may be related to the former terms, is Sagiarius. Those who know will agree completely!

Rancho of 3 Idiot- Capricorn

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Rancho is one of the best roles played by Aamir Khan. He was playful, practical and a fun person. Our Makardhwaja is just like him!

Ram Shankar Nikumbh of the star land- Kumbh

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Aquarians can easily be defined as free-spirited, eccentric, independent, intelligent, and unique. Can you see anyone who is like Rama on the star land?

Fana’s Rehan- Pisces

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Rehan is extra romantic and expressive. Apart from Pisces, who can be the hero of our zuni?

Can you relate to these characters? We bet you do! Watch the movies again and get ready to be stunned by equality!


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