What is glamping? Our guide and inspiration

Like all good combo’s, from Bromance to Brangelina pre-2016, the perfect pairing that sparkles (“glamorous” + “camping”) is worthy of its popular portmanteau.

A camping trip steeped in luxury, relaxation, and comfort is becoming a popular way to holiday in the UK. More and more people are craving the freedom to recharge in widely open green spaces and rub shoulders with nature, without sacrificing any of their creature comforts. And after living indoors for a year, how awesome is that sound?

What is expected to do to our selection of the best sites in the UK, we put together the ultimate guide for all the information and oversight you could possibly need for an unforgettable trip.

What is shine

You need look no further than the Oxford English Dictionary for the definition of spotting, as it describes the experience as: ‘a type of camp that includes accommodations and is more luxurious than those associated with a traditional camp . ‘

So, forget sleeping while battling lukewarm sleeping mats, poor signals and tent poles – the traditional camping qualification of the old has been severely upgraded. Glamping, which literally means glamorous camping, combines all the luxurious comforts of a hotel with the freedom of camping alfresco under the stars. Think of functional kitchens and heating, luxurious beds and hot tubs.

Where is the best place to shine?

Now we can finally start thinking about living in this heat, thought of kicking back into the Big Outdoors after staring down the same four walls for such tall sounds like heaven. In fact, we would say that the brightness does not look so good.

From quirky setups including roof tents, urets, pimped-up caravans with rooftops, and even treehouses, glamping is a unique way to experience and connect with the Great Outdoors – and envy your friends on Instagram Huh. Here is our choice of the best shine sites in the UK.

Two nights stay in a glamping cabin, two nights in a quiet site Holiday Park

Keeps shining

Unwind for two quiet nights and soak up the stunning expanses of the lake’s countryside. From the comfort of your cozy glamping cabin, you’ll be able to see the roll of stars from the rooftop window, plan all day exploring the local area, or simply nap in bed for the most spectacular of lazy weekends.

Treehouse experience for two

Treehouse experience

It is time to take your stay to new heights with this magical and unique glowing experience. Located in woodland bordering Snowdonia National Park, these state-of-the-art treehouses are set in a canopy with super snoo interiors and wood-burning stoves. Take advantage of local activities, from mountain biking to kitesurfing, or just relax and enjoy the high life on your trepid highway.

Two children with two night breaks and bike rentals in a cabin for two adults

Cabin Brake with Rent

For the everlasting family, the beautiful River Lee Country Park is an absolutely must-see landmark. With tons of activities for wildlife and game fanatics, this action-packed glamping experience includes bike rentals for two adults and two children, as well as fire pit rentals for marshmallows. Family Stagnation, Here We Come!

Overnight break with a bottle of sparkling wine for two in Angel Cottage log cabin

Cottage Lodge Cabin

Think this You, your partner, are walking in the complimentary cold Prosecco, luxury log cabin, countryside. Fantasy, right? An overnight stay at The Angel Cottage in Suffolk is the perfect place to get some well-deserved R&R. Also, as it could not be better, this stay also includes a soothing hot stone massage!

Two Night Glamping Brakes at Warwick Night Caravan, Gloucestershire

Warwick knight caravan

Looking for something a little different? Warwick Knight Caravan is at your service. Located within the fruit trees at the luxurious family-owned The Glamping Orchard, this unique stay is an ideal getaway for two adults and two children. Swing yourself to sleep in the quaint indoor hammock, cook a storm in the well-equipped kitchen, or soak some rays on the roof terrace at the top of the outdoor spiral staircase!

Do gliding pods come with a hot tub?

You better believe that they do. Why not turn up the heat and treat your squeeze to stay in one of our luxury polishing pods with hot tub experiences for the ultimate in bubble-relaxation.

Two nights of glow in a bell tent for two with hot tubs and a choice of activities on wild carrots

Glow in the bell tent with a hot tub

If you are looking for an experience to score some brownie points, the weekend is no more romantic than this. Surrounded by stunning Cotswold countryside, slide into your private cedar hot tub under a blanket of sparkling stars on wild carrots.

This luxurious package also offers two activities for the guests to enjoy. You can choose from a list of exciting options, from sight-seeing bicycle trips to complimentary coffee and cakes at your cozy coffee stop.

Overnight stay at Canvas Lodge with Hot Tub and Fizz at Woodland Escape

Canvas lodge with hot tub

Relieve your everyday stress as you take you from the comfort of your canvas lodge to the wonders of beautiful Dorset country. Complete with a cozy double bed, cozy lounge and private outdoor hot tub, you’ll never want to leave your new nomad home!

To help you celebrate your union with nature, you will be presented with a complimentary bottle of fizzy to enjoy upon arrival. If the definition of luxury is not filling a bottle of shampoo in a wooden hot tub, we don’t know what is.

When will the campers reopen?

In truth, it depends on the site. According to the government’s lockdown easement guidelines, self-catering accommodation with shared facilities will not be allowed to reopen in England from 12 April onwards. However, sites with shared facilities will have to remain closed until at least 17 May.

It is also worth noting that for the first time a holiday will only be allowed with members of one household – so that means that there is no whining with someone you have not yet won!

so what are you waiting for? Explore all of us Great experience And secure yourself a piece of alfresco luxury today. Or, if you want to keep your options open, why not check us all out Short Vacation Stay & Weekend TripsThe We have dozens of amazing gateways across the UK waiting to be discovered.