What are the Different Stages of having a Crush?

Smiling for no reason, dreaming about a romantic date, and hiring your friend as a detective are some of the indicators that you get smoked by someone special. Whether you meet your crush in the gym or carpool, Cupid has played his part and you, my friend, are obsessively having a crush on the recently found Eye Candy. Eager to know Various stages of crushThe Our relationship experts decode all the steps for you. Take a look at all the steps, and get ready to laugh out loud!

First stage

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Interest is the initial stage of having a crush. It starts with eye locking and ends with butterflies in your stomach. You feel elated upon seeing them, and you become anxious to know their name. If you already know his name, this is something you can hear everywhere.

Second stage

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In the second phase, you start dreaming about dates, and as soon as you see your crush, you get lost in their eyes. When you are talking to them, romantic songs keep crossing your mind. You are impressed by curiosity and start going through their social platforms. You religiously remember his date of birth, likes and dislikes. Not only do you find out your crush’s profile, but his family and friends are now your new interest

third step

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Your friends are caught with your new crush. In the third stage, you find excuses to meet or talk to them. Your friends track their moves and cleverly tell you where and when to show up. Waking up all the ornaments becomes a morning ritual. If you are crushing a known person, you get jealous about trying to talk to every girl or boy or flirt with them. Your mind and heart revolve around the name of your crush, and the only thing you want is your crush to fall madly in love with you!

Fourth stage

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Things start to get serious, and you start paying attention to them. You start planning your future and coordinated outfits for your wedding. Their favorite food is yours, and their silly actions affect you. You often ask yourself whether to express your feelings.

Fifth step

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The final stage either brings happiness or the day of listening to sad songs. If your crush is equally afflicted with you, then you feel directly that you are on cloud 9. In case of rejection, you feel sad, and the story of your dream comes to an end.

Having a crush takes you on a rollercoaster of mixed emotions. You will find our spread Various stages of crush Super reliable. Having the crush of having a crush, and feeling euphoric, Cupid is at work and will soon hit you, and your crush, with a dose of love. be ready!