Want your Proposal to be Cool- Check out Ways

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to ask your dear big question. And when you decide to do it, make sure you are confident and most importantly, hold him / her guard. If you are looking for ways to propose them, here are some cool and non-cliché ways.

Use a dear friend

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Groping a big question with the help of a cute dog or cat would have made her scream out of excitement. If you have a pet, ask your pet a big question on your behalf. Or you can gift and propose him a puppy or kitten.

Get them on a scavenger hunt

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Make the offer fun by letting your partner go on a scavenger hunt that ends with the offer. Drop clues around the place with small gifts. This can be done either in your apartment or in places in the city that are important to both of you.

Put it in the newspaper

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Surprise your partner first thing in the morning as they read the newspaper. Propose them by printing them in paper and immediately bring them to light and watch them getting excited.

Meet them at the finish line

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Do you and your partner like to run marathons? If yes, use this opportunity to pop a big question. Finally after reaching together ask them to marry you. Or before they do, they finish it, get down with one knee and go ballistic while watching them propose.

Re-activate their favorite movie motion view

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Go to the top and propose your beloved by re-presenting the scene of your favorite film proposal. Whether it is a beautiful woman or a notebook, get your Proper ready and ask a friend to record it.

Destination offer

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Take your partner to surprise vacation and then propose them when the time is right.

up in the air

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Book a hot air balloon ride for you and your partner. Once you reach the top and surprise them with a big question.

Jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are great fun to do with your partner. Make a big one especially for yourself on which the question is printed.

Sky writing

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One of the quieter ways to propose is to do it with the help of Sky Writing. Get a plane booked and let him write a big question for himself.

Flash mob

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Flash mob is one of the best things to be a part of. Plan to dance in secret to all your favorite songs. Surprise her on one of the most casual walks and end it with an offer.