Victory Day 9th May

Victory Day 9 May : Victory Day, as the name indicates, is a day commemorating the victories achieved by Russia along with some former Soviet Union republics.

when is victory day

importance of victory Day Relates to the surrender of Nazi Germany where Soviet forces gained access to control Berlin. This resulted in the end of World War II in Europe. May 9 is the day that marks the celebration.

Victory Day 9 May

Victory Day 9 May
Victory Day 9 May

History of Victory Day

History will clearly remember World War II which was the deadliest and gruesome conflict ever considered by humans. The resulting casualties ranged from 50 to 85 million and a large percentage were ordinary people from the USSR and China. The loss of human life brings our heads in solidarity as 27 million people died in the Soviet Union alone, which was about 13% of the population during that era.

There are only a few countries in Western Europe that celebrate the day on 8 May. However, for the Soviet Union, when the German army surrendered on the evening of May 8, 1945, it was too late and it became May. 9.

how people celebrate victory day

To remember the departed souls, there are military parades that grace the occasion. Exactly 20 years later, in 1965, on 9 May, the practice of military parade was started. The day holds great significance as it was decided to make it a public holiday. There is also a traditional practice of laying wreaths at the war memorial site. In order to create a sense of awareness among the youth, special programs are organized in the schools which inculcate a sense of pride and sacrifice made by the freedom fighters. Along with poetry there are wartime songs that mark the occasion.

To carry on the traditions and culture at home, families gather in circles around a festive table with the aim of honoring the surviving witnesses of World War II as well as paying tribute to those who died.

The country seems to be steeped in the national spirit where broadcasters telecast films based on World War II. Since the movies have become the clearest reflection of such events. Viewers watch him with renewed interest, as he evokes a sense of love and pride for the country. Well, because the love for the country outweighs every other aspect.

People become proud witnesses of military parades. Victory Day also hosts a fireworks display at night. Such practices sensitize the youth who grow up reading about their history, besides increasing their knowledge base, it also gives them a reason to remember the sacrifices that their ancestors have made. Similarly, whenever the need or time comes, they should equally stand up for their country. Importantly, the celebrations associated with such events instill a sense of pride, which young people develop as they begin to learn and develop their knowledge base.

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