Vertical & Rooftop Garden Ideas to keep your Home Cool in Summers

The roofs of the building are constantly exposed to the Indian summer sun and heat. They radiate heat in homes. Considerable heat is received from the top floor and the rooms become unbearably hot. The increase in temperature demands more and more air conditioning, which in turn leads to higher electricity bills. How can we reduce heat without increasing carbon footprint? Vertical and terraced gardens are the best solution to keep your home cool in cool summers without exhausting natural resources. In the meantime, check us out Vertical and terrace garden ideas For inspiration.

Ornamental Plants Roof Garden


Beautiful ornamental plants planted in colorful gardens exposed to different types of reflective lights will form a dream terrace garden. This would be a good place to relax in the evening and appreciate the cozy view of the surroundings.

Pool Rooftop Garden


Having a swimming pool in a rooftop garden is a good option to control the temperature during hot summers. You can take a dip at any time of the day and enjoy the greenery all around.

Organic rooftop garden


Creating a lush organic rooftop garden is a great way to grow your vegetables and reduce the ambient temperature. Terrace organic gardens are widely popular these days which provide architectural enhancement and control the temperature.

Courtyard terrace garden


The use of patio furniture is a great idea to enhance the appearance of the rooftop garden where you can enjoy summer and spring evenings. Make sure you select furniture that fits the style and theme of your garden.

Indoor ladder garden


The use of an old wooden or iron ladder is the perfect way to grow many plants vertically in a limited space on the roof. You can add several wooden boards to make and place cabinets on the stairs of the ladder Lively summer planters.

Hanging terracotta planter


Hanging terracotta planters is another great idea of ​​vertical gardening if you have limited indoor space. This will add showers inside the green house and control the temperature during summer days. You can grow your favorite plants and flowers in these terracotta pots by hanging them with cotton ropes.

Vertical Success Wall Walter


To make this vertical juicy planner, you need a wooden frame that you can pin to the wall of your house. Fill the frame with clay and juices of various shapes, colors and sizes. Juicy plants are the easiest plants to grow that will increase the greenery in your home and keep it cool without demanding much.

Hanging Gutter Garden

Gutter Garden

Hanging gutter garden is a great vertical gardening idea to grow lots of plants and flowers in a balcony or terrace garden. A gutter garden is practically movable which you can also hang across a wall or fence. You can grow the types of flowers and plants in a hanging gutter garden that require more sun and add color to your space.

Beat the heat in a natural way and keep your home cool and fresh with these vertical and rooftop gardening ideas.

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