How to Upload Copyrighted Video on Youtube without Infringement

Are you trying to Upload Copyrighted Video on Youtube and getting Copyright Infringement Notice? Let us tell you why did you received Copyright Infringement warning from youtube.

Copyright owners are very careful and vigilant when it comes to protecting their material. There are a lot of internet services that help them do that, and YouTube “Content ID” is one of these services. So if you upload a video on YouTube and get a copyright notice (copyright claim), you are dealing with the system. YouTube Content ID was developed to help content owners (composers and others, publishers in our case) and their distributors to identify, monitor, and monetize use of their music on YouTube.

Why might you receive a copyright notice or get a claim on your video?

YouTube scans uploaded videos against a database of audio and video content submitted to the Content ID system by copyright owners. If any content in an uploaded video (music in our case) matches content from the database, YouTube sends a copyright notice indicating that third party content has been identified on the video. In this event there are several scenarios that may occur:

  • The video can be blocked or removed.
  • Audio can be muted.
  • A third-party Ad can be run over the video (this is the most common action) to monetize the content used in the video and compensate the content owners for the use of their content.

How to Upload Copyrighted Video on Youtube without Infringement Issue or Notice from Youtube:

1. The most legal option is to get a license/permission from the original owner of the content. This way if you’ll get any copyright issues you’ll have the proof that you actually can use that material.

2. You can put different audio in the video or speed up video little bit by 5% or so. Add your intro at starting or zoom video little bit.

3. Alternative solution is just goto create option in YouTube . You will get video editor option. There you will get icon CC . You will get tons of video there. You can use that video in your channel without problem. But you should edit that video in YouTube editor itself.

4. You can upload that video but don’t monetize the video

5. Lets say you have a song in your video, in the description you have to put ” I do not own ANY of the soundtrack, property and rights for audio go to (band/singer name)”And then YouTube should leave your videos along.
6. YouTube was actually set up for people to share home videos – videos they had made totally themselves, 100% their own work and creativity, both images and sound.
7. YouTube itself along with copyright owners and adults generally are mystified by the teen obsession with uploading random images accompanied by somebody else’s music and calling it a video. Have a nice day!
8. You can upload copyrighted videos on YouTube and try your luck. One of three things will happen

a. The copyright owner will monetize your video.

b. The owner might mute audio on your video.

c. The owner might request YouTube to have you take it down.

d. You’ll risk getting bad strikes on your channel from YouTuber that could lead to termination of your channel.