UN Russian Language Day

United Nations Russian Language Day : United Nations Russian Language Day is celebrated across the world 06 June.


Russian holds a great level of importance and importance as the United Nations considers and uses it as one of the six official languages. This day was started by UNESCO in the year 2010. The language uses some difficult letters which is a challenge for the learners, and it is for this purpose that a day is celebrated to highlight its cultural importance in today’s era.

United Nations Russian Language Day

United Nations Russian Language Day
United Nations Russian Language Day


The day coincides with the birthday of a famous Russian poet who has contributed greatly to the language. He is Alexander Pushkin whose birthday is celebrated on 6 June and is famous as the father of modern Russian literature. His immense contribution to develop and strengthen multilingualism and cultural diversity is rightly understood and considered as one of the golden times that culture highlights and symbolizes.


The main aim and purpose is to highlight and indicate the richness of the Russian language. It is true that each language brings with it its own unique approach to celebrate the richness of the language. This is done by inviting renowned poets along with writers who are sensitive about the greatness associated with language.

If we consider the strength of native Russian speakers in the world, there are more than 150 million of them. Due to the number of people speaking the language in Europe, it has easily made itself the most spoken language there.

Whereas, speaking of non-native Russian speakers, their number is about 113 million.

Let us consider some interesting aspects related to the Russian language:-

The Russian alphabet consists of 33 letters

Russian is also known as the “International Language of Space”. This is because astronauts need to learn it when they are on an expedition to the International Space Station.

how the day is celebrated

This day is a proud witness of various events taking place in New York, Vienna and Geneva. To make a long-lasting impression, discussions highlighting the language are accompanied by theatrical performances.

Regions or regions that speak Russian as well as staff associated with the Russian embassy take part in various activities and events. The main aim is to reflect the richness associated with the language and this is done through museum exhibits as well as lectures on the contributions of Alexander Pushkin. The event also brings together fans of the author who gather in one place where they pay tribute to the author by reading stories and poems.

What can anyone do?

To celebrate the event, one can show a willingness to learn and understand the Russian language or its phrases. One can also learn and discover the work of other Russian writers such as Anton Chekhov, Ivan Turgenev, Leo Tolstoy, etc. This practice will continue to keep the traditions and culture alive while telling about the bygone times.

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