Towel Day

towel day : Towel Day is celebrated every year on 25 May.


Towel Day gained its importance in 2001, two weeks after Douglas Adams (author of ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’) died on May 11 at the age of His fans decided to mark the occasion as a means of honoring the great personality by celebrating this important and essential piece of clothing. Considering the various special days that are dedicated to Mother, Father or Doctor’s day etc., die-hard fans alike felt the need to celebrate the day in memory of the one who definitely deserves special mention and attention. Is. Fans pay tribute to the fictional author who prominently mentioned the importance of the towel in the books. The author gives us a focused view of the immense importance and usefulness that a towel brings with it to an interstellar hitchhiker.

towel day

towel day
towel day


Towel Day marks the moment of remembrance where one can be seen holding a towel while leaving for work or folding it to make different shapes of an animal.


It is true that we need a ‘towel’ for many daily activities. By its use we get shade, or our beloved pets are dried up. Sports people know that ‘small’ towels are very important, especially for golfers and bowlers. A footballer can land it on his hip and drop a white if he wants to surrender. The endless features only add to and reinforce the importance of towels where in emergency situations, it helps stop bleeding. One can apply a wet cloth to cool the body with fever. In short, the basic lesson is don’t forget to take a towel when you leave your house. Hence, Towel Day is celebrated everyday which has become a tradition for his fans to celebrate the day.

how to follow the day

Douglas fans celebrate the day with a towel as a mark of tribute. So, take one with you and make others aware of the different possible ways to use a towel by sharing it on social media with #TowelDay.

Enthusiasts post different photos they take of their towels. While many other hitchhikers host parties with their towels at work, serving drinks, taking cues from the series.

People do not forget to pay tribute to the great writer even aboard the International Space Station. For example, Samantha Cristoforetti, a European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut, recorded a video in which she read excerpts from the series. He also gave us a golden photo of him posing with his towels along with the other astronauts.

Can also be a proud fan and take a picture with your towel and share it with the world. Plus, tweet, blog, and post in the forum. In short, take the help of social media to maximize your reach and be a proud witness of the appreciation you are getting in the process. The day is slowly gaining importance and relevance across the world and India is no exception.

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