Top lockdown gifts to enjoy at home

Running out of ways to beat the winter and lockdown blues?

For most of us, TV has been our favorite companion, turning us into avid armchair travelers. In fact, with video streaming, TV is believed to consume an average of two hours and 53 minutes during lockdown.

But if you agree it’s time to shake up the weekend’s plans, treat someone you know to have a hard time, or make the birthday a little more special, we’re here to help. Lots of innovative brands have come up with innovative lockdown gifts that bring fun back to our living rooms, and there is not a virtual quiz in sight for a change. Sign us up!

A real treat at home

Local takeaway outlets have been expanding for months on Friday nights. But even our favorite curries, fish and chips or sugar lose their zing after several orders. For any food lovers in their life, our attractive food isolation gifts offer lots of flavors and of course something different.

Order a treat they can see regularly with a halofresh meal kit, beer or cheese membership. They are gifts that keep on giving, promising to please them for weeks to come.

Afternoon tea at home

If you want to make a day particularly special, opt for a classic afternoon tea at home. We will send you a package with sandwiches, cakes, scones and savory treats. It is a great way to involve children and there are also vegetarian options. A great isolation barrier is another option that always goes down well. Whether they are at Prosecco and truffles, or have all the beers and crisps, we’ve got plenty to choose from.

Turn on the kitchen in the workshop

Online cooking classes

Now that they have completed their banana bread, why not give them a new challenge. A lot of food companies have created online experiences, allowing us to join our kitchen. Give them a virtual class where they can try their hand at chocolate or truffle making, learn how to make bread from the masters or join BBC Food for cooks together.

Any budding chef will love online courses with big names in the food business, including Michelle Rooks Jr. And if you’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day, a dinner lesson will definitely give you plenty Will earn points

Green-fingered lockdown gift ideas

After spending most of the 2020 spring and summer in the garden, many of us have learned to love our own development. Before spring comes again, now is the perfect time to brush up on gardening knowledge to make this year’s blossom your best.

Online Art of Environmental Florology Course

An online gardening diploma will give any passionate gardener all the tips he needs to keep his garden clean, in place, and to create new vegetable or herb plots. If they are willing to enjoy some of their own cherished tomatoes and strawberries, a self-reliance will teach them how to produce a bumper crop. And for those who like to pick flowers from their own garden, you can buy them a virtual eco-friendly flower course.

Get a little Zen

Letterbox gift

For those who are struggling to close at the moment, it will certainly be appreciated for some time. Help make room for their relaxation at home by presenting lockdown inspired by health and wellbeing. Yogis will appreciate a voucher for an online session on the mat, while fitness freaks can learn some at-home exercises with a virtual gym diploma or nutrition course. If deep breathing is on the menu, the Mindfulness Course will give them the equipment they need to relax on the go.

Sometimes, only one pamper session will be done. While nothing can replace a proper spa day, our self-care packages will give them treatments they can use at home for up to 30 days of relaxation. There are also letterbox friendly care packages, which are ideal to surprise them with doorstep delivery.

Lockdown gift To learn something new

Many of us have more time than ever. If they are willing to use this time wisely, you can send an online gift that will help them learn a new skill or hobby.

Tarot card reading online course

Perhaps they always wanted to learn sign language or how to weave. If they are into crafts, but have not found their favorite, let them experiment to make their own aromatherapy candles, to create a personalized fragrance or to design jewelery. We have gifts that cover any interest.

You never know, your present may be the beginning of a new career. And with public speaking courses, makeup artist tutorials and interior design diplomas in the mix, the possibilities are endless.

Voucher with staying power

With so many lockdowns to choose from, it can be difficult to choose what’s right. So, if you are not sure which they will enjoy, the multi-experience voucher will cover all the grounds. Our instant e-vouchers are valid for 20 months, the longest in the UK, so they will have a lot of freedom to decide when the time is right to enjoy their gift. No matter what you choose, you can be sure that we are giving contact-free gifts. It is part of the guarantee of our memories.