Top 10 Ways to Make Someone Happy

“Since you get more happiness than giving happiness to others, you should consider it in the happiness you are capable of giving.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

The season of love is upon us. This is a time for voluntary candlelight dinners, rejuvenating couple massages, shower gifts and more. But things are different at this time of year. There is so much going on in the world, so why not celebrate Valentines with others by spreading happiness and joy. Why? Since:

This will help you in strengthening your relationship with people.
You will help relieve stress in someone else’s life.
You will feel happy to cause someone else’s smile.

So here are the top 10 ways to make someone happy:

Hold the door for a few extra seconds

This is one of the easiest things you can do that can lighten someone’s face.

Sincerely compliment

A compliment goes a long way and will instantly make someone’s day. Therefore do not supplement any stranger. Their shoes, hats, bags or whatever and brighten their day.

To give flowers

Flowers bring happiness that lasts for days without saying a single word. With so many online delivery options, you can give flowers to anyone sitting in any part of the world.

Order their favorite food

Food and happiness are interlinked. Order or give someone their favorite food and you will become their favorite.

Run an errand for someone

You go out to do some work for yourself. While doing this, why not for your neighbor, your parents or indeed someone you know? It will help them if they are having a busy day.

Express gratitude

Also express gratitude for the small things that are often taken just like the food they prepare, doing their job well or only in their lives.

Plan something special for your partner

There is nothing similar to a good surprise plan for your beloved. Plan a full day for them but don’t give too many details. Tell them what is required to wear, but leave surprise to reveal themselves.

Celebrated events

We are all humans and have forgotten birthdays, anniversaries of our friends and family members. It is never too late to celebrate these events, so surprise them with cake, flowers or gift delivery.

Write a comment

Whether it is a thank you note, a compliment or a simple love note. Writing and leaving it for someone will be the highlight of their day.

Telling jokes

Do you have a strange bone? Humor people and spread happiness all around.