Tips to Master the Art of Repotting Small Plants

Reporting does not always mean changing the container of the plant. It is the process of changing the potting mix so that the plant can thrive, get all the nutrients and grow happily. This can also include a change of planter when your small plant starts growing older. In short, helping the plants in your pot grow and bloom is an easy process. We have written below Tips for mastering the art of re-planting small plants Through which you can nail the process like a professional!

Pay attention to the signs

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Are the roots of your small indoor plants growing through drainage holes? Is it growing slower or drying more quickly? If yes, the time has come to try to reproduce it!

Get a new planter or potting mix

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Check for signs that point to the planter or potting mix. If you can see that the roots are coming out of the drainage hole, it indicates that your plant needs a new container. If the roots are perfectly fine and the plant is not growing, it is a sign that it needs a potting mix.


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Be patient, water the plant and then remove it from the old planter. Do not panic and follow all the steps correctly.

Handle it carefully

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When taking out the plant or removing the old pot of the pot from its soil, be careful and handle it slowly.

Remove Air Pocket

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Once you have added the plant to the new planter and potting mix, make sure that the soil freezes and that there is no wind.

Do not put too much soil

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We often make the mistake of putting too much soil while repotting. First, put the potting mix, place the plant in containers and cover it with more soil. Too much soil will not let the plants breathe, and they can die.

Do not forget to give water

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Finally, when everything is sorted, add water as this is the last and most important tip.

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