Tips to Master the Art of Being a Plant Parent

Green plants provide instant visual relief to our eyes and soothe our anxious soul. But, most of us work hard to keep our pestilent companions alive. Houseplants require little attention and can flourish under all circumstances and yet, sometimes we kill them. Are you wondering how not to kill your plants? We receive you! We have come up with this interesting guide Tips for mastering the art of being a parent of the plant!

Bring home the right indoor plant

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There are plants that are low maintenance and perfect for keeping indoors. Avoid the mistake of choosing the wrong plant that can survive only in direct sunlight. You can buy jade plants, lucky babu, snake plants etc.

Choose the perfect pot

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Containers make a lot of difference. If you use the right size, your plant will grow as if there is no end. Isn’t that what we all want?

Note down the dates

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Maintain a diary and pay attention to the dates when you watered your indoor plants. By plowing below, you will get rid of your most beloved plant from over watering or under watering.

Homemade Compost

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Try and use the manure that you have made at home from coffee grounds, vegetable and fruit peels. You can add peels directly to your pot and mix them with clay.

Gently clean the leaves

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We often forget about cleaning the leaves of our green children. Take a cotton cloth and wipe them gently with water.

Prune dead or damaged leaves

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As soon as you take a dead or damaged leave, you should cut your pruning with scissors.

Rotate the plants and provide proper sunlight

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Keep rotating them to provide the proper amount of light to your indoor plant. Soak all sides in sunlight!

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