Tips for Living with An Over-Excited Plant Parent

Plants are a source of happiness. Ask the parents of any plant, and they will quote the former phrase. Potted plants are their way of coming into our lives and illuminating our homes as well as making our lives bright. Whether you like a plant or not, but they will still bring a smile to your face or soothe your soul with their green color. If you are living with a plant parent, you already know how passionate they are for their greens. You may be banned from moving out of the house to hurt their plant in any way. More reliable? We know how it is, and so we made a list of it Tips for living with the parents of an over-excited plant. Just look!

Don’t judge them

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You may find an over-excited plant parent talking to your plants, and this is very standard. Never judge them. If you can’t do it too, just let them be!

Make them happy by bringing more plants

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Plant parents are always ready to welcome new indoor plants, and to make them happy, you can find new ones for them.

Calm them down

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Plant parents engage more with their potted friends, and they get tired easily. Try to calm them down and find a solution to their problems with them.

Bring them new planters

New plants mean new planters, and an over-excited plant parent keeps on searching for the latest ones. Get them gorgeous planters and make them super happy!

Follow the instructions in his absence

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If your friend who is crazy about plants gives you the responsibility of taking care of plants in their absence, do so very carefully. They do not trust anyone easily and if they do, follow all instructions.

Update them about new trends

Help your pal by updating them about new trends. Surprise them by getting a Money Plant or English Ivy with Hanging Planner and become their favorite!

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