This is What Matters In Digital Marketing

How has marketing changed during digitization? Let’s dig deep. Marketing structures already implemented continue to apply.

Digital is only faster. Where analog marketing campaigns were used, today more than ever they are wondering how to implement them digitally. For example, funds for planned trade fairs are used for digital landings such as creating product landing pages.

Innovations, information and video are now only explained online at booths. There are already solutions for conducting virtual trade fair conferences online. Networking via Zoom, Teams, or Skype has become the order of the day. Don’t forget to network YouTube is live and thousands of views.

What criteria should be met for the presentation of a good company?

Keep in mind that it is important to introduce yourself briefly and concisely with the most important information. It is recommended to show a mission statement or values ​​that remain in the company. It is best to avoid unnecessary clichés – it is better to show hard facts. You should generally consider in advance what the goal of the presentation is and for which target group it is being created. Attendance and language should also be coordinated and tailored to the company. Also the media or media must be chosen with the attention chosen.

For example, a company offering high-priced products should not create a run-of-the-mill presentation. Everything should be perfectly coordinated and match the overall concept.

Digital part of campaigns

You should also create a landing page concept and based on this, a long term SEA concept, ie Search Engine Advertising / Search Engine Marketing. Correspondingly, social media channels are created or, if they already exist, they expand. For example, you can set up corporations with regional influencers or portals. If necessary and depending on the orientation of the company, an online shop, a regular newspaper, offers in email signatures or event news, sponsorship of a regional sports club, … you have many options here. This is important for everyone: the company should be visible.

A lasting impression is especially important because it is well known that the target group makes six to seven contacts before you buy anything. This means a solid external image through regular newspaper or mailing, as well as advertisements, social media, and web measures, you can build a good foundation through continuity. But you can only make a lasting impression if you bring something special. Creativity is required here, something that appeals to people, perhaps even makes them laugh, and something that cannot be easily forgotten.

Matters in Digital Marketing

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