The Best Letterbox Gifts for 2021

Let’s be honest, we’ve been indoors for a long time, it’s been hard to get creative with gift ideas. Only a person can get lots of flakes of flowers on their birthday before their lounge starts looking like a florist!

If you are going out of your way to give a gift, to keep it fresh and funky, we got a bus ticket as a letterbox gift. Never mind – a birthday, a new baby, once mitzvah – guaranteed to be a letterbox gift to fit the bill.

Ready to send something different to the post? Here, we set everything to know about these lockdown lifesavers, how they work, their benefits and a whole host of inspiration. Strap in partygoers, it’s time to find the very best letterbox gifts for 2021.

What is a letterbox gift?

A letterbox gift is, in fact, a thoughtful gift posted directly through the recipient’s letterbox. And they don’t even have to be home to get it! Talent.

As the country has adjusted to life in lockdown, the popularity of UK letterbox gifts has absolutely skyrocketed. From boxes of food selections to arts and crafts packages, postal gifts are the perfect answer for those looking to send a present to a particular person, while offering the benefits of social delivery, contact and delivery, and safety. Thank you.

And don’t fret about losing that personal touch. Most letterbox retailers also offer personalized gift-wrapping options and beautifully designed cards.

Letterbox gift ideas for 2021

So, let’s make a gift. Here is our list of the best letterbox gifts for 2021 for her, for her, for her, for you, and for every occasion in between.

A letterbox gift for Chocolix

For the sweet tooth

The box may say that it feeds the char, but we don’t have it to share. The perfect surprise for chocolate lovers, this Chocoholics letterbox gift ticks from all the main chocolate food groups: hot chocolate, chocolate chips, chocolate popcorn and more.

From luxurious brands like Mello and Marsh, ooh, cross over with gourmet treats! Chocolata and The Dormen, it’s time to post a little cocoa-fueled luxury through someone’s door.

Chocoholics Letterbox Gifts

For the one who did well

Congratulations letterbox

Know someone who deserves a good slap on the back? Say no more – say it with a dessert instead of a congratulatory letter!

This letterbox gift is a great way to say ‘well’ to all of your Pick ‘n’ Mix favorites, as well as from foam shrimps to jelly beans and cola bottles. For an extra special touch, personalize the box with their name to make them feel like a million dollars as they get stuck in their delicious shred.

sound good? We have a personalized Happy Birthday letterbox dessert gift for those celebrating their big day!

Happy birthday gift box

For the one who loves

Gin Themed Letterbox Gift Selection

Ideal for those who serve their drinks with a tonic and lime, this gin-themed postal gift is filled with goodies, including Choke Affair Gin and Tonic Milk Chocolate, Sugarsin Gin Flies and Boots to boot. A small bottle of good stuff is included.

A cold G&T and specially hand made snacks? Sign us up! Help bring a loved one into the soul with this lip-smack box of goodness.

For the one who loves To Relax and relax

Sleep Head Natural Care Letter Gift

Packed with top pampered and snooze-inducing scents, this letterbox self-care gift is the perfect choice for those who deserve an overdue bit of ‘me time’.

Described as a ‘hug through the letterbox’, the parcel is filled with all-natural gifts curated to calm the body, relax the mind and ensure the world’s best night’s sleep. This stunning letterbox gift includes a sleep well taken from the Scentrade, Sleeping Heath Bath Salt Mix in Coopers Apothecary, 100% Mulberry Silk Luxury Sleep Mask, Sleep Easy Pumper Kit to Apricle, Love Socks Wax Mails and Organic Hemp Tea in Body and Body Balm sticks include Mana Botanical.

Self-care letterbox gift

What you think is really serious

three Month Letterbox cheese subscription

It’s not easy to make cheese, but it sure is delicious. Find us a better gift than gourmet, hand-wrapped cheese delivered straight to the door? For three months? With recipe card and an extra free gift? Yes, please.

Each monthly delivery comes with a variety of four seasonal items as well as tasty reels and more biscuits and crackers for the pursuit of a special gift.

Cheese Letterbox Gifts

For the one who shines

Name a Star Gift Box

As far as letterbox gift ideas are concerned, it is out of this world. If you want to tell someone how special they are, what better name can a star have than them?

Nominated on the Intergalactic Star database from Infinity and beyond, all that specials have to do is look at the night sky to know they are loved. This bizarre postal gift includes a star field coordinate sheet, as well as a map of the night sky, a guide to the northern constellations, and a personal certificate that they can show on their next zoom call.

Name of a Star Gift Box

For the small that gives color outside the lines

Six Month Dib Dab Art Club Membership For A Child

Are you buying for a creative little cookie? Say hello to the six-month letterbox membership of the Dib Dab Art Club. You heard us correctly – six whole months of exciting, hands-on arts and crafts activities to keep little hands and minds busy and bursting with ideas!

Designed by qualified art teachers for children ages three to eight, these art boxes burst with materials, paints, and craft kits to educate and inspire developing minds to express themselves through artistic exploration Fit for.


For the one who loves sweet life

Three Month Stirred Feud Letterbox Subscription

Subscribe to the ultimate letterbox gift to eat in your life – three months worth of gourmet fudge is paid directly through their door. Stride’s delicious smoothie in a box is superbly crafted in Yorkshire and is lovingly shaken by hand to ensure a delicate flavor and a smooth finish.

It is an ideal treat for cheating lovers and savory food alike, and includes a mouth-watering plant, a ‘flavor of the month’ fudge and a special surprise treat!

Send a little love through their letterbox

It’s been a tough old year staring at the same four walls, so why not brighten someone’s day with one of our thoughtful gift cards? Explore our full range of letterbox gifts or sign up to our newsletter for our top tips on destroying the gifting game in 2021!