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The pursuit of self-mastery is a lifetime effort. Unfortunately, this is not something you can gift naturally, or pick up with relative ease. It lies in the conscious application of your knowledge to make better life choices. you could notsport” Resort to any system or hack that will speed up the process. In short, it involves a very Of trial and error. Continuity is required to master anything. That is the real secret – if there is one.

So how do you actually do it? Answers will vary depending on what you are asking. Some will undoubtedly indicate a spiritual path, while others will offer a more practical approach. Neither is wrong. In fact, they are both necessary and eventually lead to the same destination. Self-mastery is about the creation of a sense of inner influence that cannot be affected by negative influences. It is not a singular quality, but the sum total of your thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Here’s how you can improve your intentions in every situation:

1 is Start taking accountability for your actions

You cannot deny the effect your actions have on both yourself and others. When you refuse to accept your part in events that do not happen as expected, you stop. It does not matter whether it is in your relationships, work-life or your hobbies. If you are unable to see yourself from a critical perspective, you will never be able to find a solution to your problems. You cannot transfer blame on others indefinitely and continue to develop as a human being – your personal responsibility is non-negotiable. Accountability begins with your introspection and being completely honest about why you are in your current situation. If you are not getting to where you want to be, ask yourself, ‘When did this slide start?’ In college you Are able to correct their course. No one is coming to save you, but there is no reward for playing yourself, and the victim.

2. Use your “failures” as an opportunity for improvement

In a lifetime, you are going to experience failures. But this does not mean that you cannot change them for your benefit. The quality of defining what distinguishes those who succeed and how those who fall out of the way respond. Life is a learning game. You don’t need to be perfect every time you bend your hand to do something new. but you Tax There is a need to adopt this with a view to perseverance. It takes about 10,000 hours to master a new skill. It is a very Of mistakes. But still, if you need to change directions completely, don’t look at those efforts as dead-ends or “failures”. Use your vision to make better decisions in the future. “Failed forward.” Turn your thinking upside down and turn your courage into an opportunity for growth. Instead of asking yourself, ‘Why me?’ Ask yourself, ‘Why now? What is the experience here to teach me this? ‘

3. Get away from instant gratification and start playing long games

One of the unfortunate side effects modern technology – and social media – has given us is the desire to experience everything now. When we are hungry and the public services run on time, it is appropriate to have our food. But today’s world is moving at such a rate that we want almost everything tomorrow. However, a lot can be said for playing more deliberate games in life. By delaying gratification, you are no longer ruling your urges. This allows you to direct your energy into a more clearly defined vision for the future, which will eventually reap huge rewards. Sure, there is a definite appeal to living for the moment. But if it becomes your default position, then you risk falling into eligibility. You lose the ability to be flexible, which can cause tension within your relationships and emotionally charged decisions that you may later regret.

४. Replace the idea ‘Hope’ with positive action

Hope seems harmless enough. But if you invest yourself so much in the idea that everything ‘work out, ‘It can take you away from what you are doing right now. It pragmatic with fantasy-based “what if?” What can be expected from such a negative feeling that it is rooted in a ‘Possible Future. ‘There is no certainty that what you want is going to come true. And when it doesn’t, the accidentally less experience can make you feel like the end of the world. Hope leads to despair. The more active you are in improving your situation, the greater your chances of achieving your goals. Accept your circumstances, but do not fall into the trap of becoming a ‘passive observer’. you can do No matter how small it appears. Hope more dreams are killed than affirmative action.

5. Be the objective supervisor and use your discretion

From an early age, the subconscious mind is processing all your experiences and listing them as reference points that will inform your future behavior. Unfortunately, there is no way around it, as you realize what is happening. However later in life, you can challenge your programming. But to do so, you have to be completely unbiased. You need to develop a habit of constantly questioning yourself – and accepting some hard truths. With this you can become an objective observer. In short, it is a more elaborate way of practicing mindfulness. From this point of view, you can side-step your ego and distinguish what is a true need and just a desire. By regularly using your discretion, you create your value system that affects your subconscious. You create your own recognition and filter of truth, which in turn enhances your problem solving skills.

६. Don’t know what doesn’t serve you now

Letting go can be a difficult skill for a guru. But everything has a finite existence. This can be difficult to accept, as the familiar has a certain level of comfort. This is something we can predict. But over time, we let toxic people into our lives, get into negative habits, and limit beliefs. This means that we must go through a pure process. We need to distance ourselves from our dead weight which is not adding anything to our lives and is only demanding our energy. It is not always easy. You may have to make some hard decisions that are really in your favor and that are holding you back. But the worse thing is that you are allowing your self-beliefs to keep you where you are now. Remember, you are not distancing yourself from experiences, but simply making space to allow new people.

Never believe you know it all

The true master never stops learning. And allowing yourself to challenge your beliefs is the biggest character trait – you can learn much more by saying less and being receptive to others. Everyone has their own nugget of truth based on their unique set of experiences. And why not is There are lots of common grounds, many ways of expressing a concept – each comes from a different angle. Perspective is one such valuable item; There is nothing wrong in reconfirming an old idea in a new context. Whenever you enter a conversation, leave your ego at the door, and adopt a way of listening first. The moment you feel that there is nothing left to learn, is the moment when you start losing touch with the world around you. Your beliefs are the mother of ego, which in turn is one step away from prejudice.

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