The 10 must-have Gifts if your man likes Football!

Most men love football and enjoy sports nights with their friends, family and even better stops. You may not enjoy the game as much as your man, but that does not mean that you cannot make a special gesture. But if you love sports, then the gift will be one for you too.

Are you thinking of giving a unique gift to your football-fanatic lover? We have some amazing gift options for you men who like football. Find out the ten best gift ideas that you can choose for your man.

Top 10 Gifts to Brighten Up Your Man’s Soccer Games

Buying the right gift can be difficult when you have many options. If your boyfriend loves football then you will get many great gifts. But finding the one gift that will make your lover feel special is difficult. To make the search easier for you, we have listed some great gift ideas.

Foco nfl mens football team logo moccasin slippers lip

If your man likes to relax on the couch and watch football on Sunday nights, you can give him some gifts to enhance his comfort. The FOCO NCL men’s moccasin slippers would definitely be a wonderful gift for them.

The slippers are customizable, and you can add your boyfriend or husband’s favorite NFL team on the toe of the shoe. There are four sizes for slippers, and hopefully, you will find the right size for your man.

These moccasins slippers are meant for use at home, but your husband can also wear them to work. They are very comfortable with hard soles and excess heat from the inside.

GoSports 8’x 4 ′ Football Training Vertical Goal Net

Your boyfriend may like playing football as much as he likes to watch it. If this is the situation, it would be a good idea to gift him a target net to practice the throw. GoSports Soccer Training Vertical Target Net is what you can go for.

The target net consists of three target pockets which are placed at three locations where the most shots are received. This target net is foldable and equipped with a carrying case. This makes the net portable, and your boyfriend can store it or take it to the practice area.

Folding the net will also be no problem when your lover needs to use it. This practice net may also be a good idea for beginners to start their game.

Euro Tail Gator Portable Sunshade

Men often prefer to arrange tailgating parties with their friends while watching football matches on their phones or on portable TV sets. If your boyfriend likes the same thing, then giving him a Euro Tail Gator Portable Sunshade will add to his comfort.

Tailgating in the scorching heat will not be comfortable at all. This is why Sunshed will help protect your lover and even his friends from the sun while enjoying the game.

Since this sunshade is portable, there will be no problem in moving it around. This shade is made from fiberglass, which makes it durable. It has magnetic strips to help stick the sunshade to any vehicle.

G-Shock X-Large Series Watch

Watches may look like a cliche gift, but not with the G-Shock series watch. This watch is a dream for most men who like to watch sports. The G-Shock Series watches are waterproof and shock-resistant. They are bold, sleek and modern in design.

The clock is loaded with interesting features like a countdown timer, an auto LED with afterglow, a speed indicator and a daily alarm. Many other amazing features make the watch a favorite of most sports lovers.

If your boyfriend’s lifestyle is active, then this watch can be very helpful for them in managing their time.

Das Boot Beer Glass

There is no doubt that men like their beer very much. Whether it is a football game or a friend meet, beer will be present. So what better gift than giving him a boot shaped beer glass?

Football fans will like this boot beer glass. The glass base is stable despite its unique shape. It is made of thick glass, which makes it a very durable beer glass. This glass has a capacity of 67 ounces.

Your boyfriend will love this glass of boot shape and proudly show it to all his football-fanatic friends.

Wilson “The Duke” Official NFL Game Football – Old Version

It would be a great thing for football fans to have a pigskin while taking a break from the game. For the next football game that your boyfriend is organizing with his friends, you can gift him an official NFL game ball.

Duke is the official NFL game ball and is named after the legend Wellington “Duke” Mara. This game ball is of the highest quality and resembles the balls used on the field. This unique gift will make your boyfriend drunk.

It can also keep the current in good condition for a long time by closing it in a display case. It will add to this football collection and will forever remind you of it.

Nfl electric football game

Football enthusiasts not only like to watch football, but they like everything related to it. Many people play football on their own, and also electric soccer games. NFL electric football game of tudor games will blow your lover’s mind.

In this electric game, he would coach and call the shots. It is a realistic game with a table-top structure. If you are a fan of football yourself, you can always play with your lover and spend quality time.

It is also equipped with a PlayAction remote which is used to control the stats in the game. You can shift players from both teams wherever you want with Invisibase CLAT technology.

Friday Night Lights: Complete Series

No man can call himself a football fan if he has not seen the light of Friday night. It is one of the most well-known TV series which is based on a book by Hgbasinger. It also has a film by the same name, which is also very popular.

If your boyfriend is a football enthusiast then he must have watched the series as well. However, be assured that he will be happy to receive the entire five-season collection of Friday Night Lights.

The package also features gas commentary, deleted scenes and more. Now your boyfriend can watch his favorite football based TV series whenever he wants.

Pegasus Sports NFL Rotating Levitating Hover Helmet with LED Lighting

A football helmet can be a cliche gift, but not a revolving, flying helmet. The Pegasus Sports NFL Rotating Levitating Hover Helmet with LED Lighting is a magical gift. Your boyfriend will be mesmerized by the gift after it is set and plugged in.

You can also set a gift for her in her room and surprise her with the effects. This levitation effect is derived from electromagnetism which gives it a magical effect. You can also spin the helmet very carefully, which will add the effect of the gift.

This gift can be used to decorate her room, drawing room, or if she has a man cave.

Nfl snack helmet

As long as the game goes on, the supply of snacks and beer should never stop. This is how men set up their football game sessions with their friends. Make a little change to this common activity with NFL snack helmets.

The Snack Bowl is a life-size helmet with two small snack trays in place of a face mask and a large bowl on top of the helmet. You can remove the tray to wash or microwave anything.

The helmet is customizable; So you can add your lover’s favorite football team logo. This will add an emotional touch to this unique Snack Bowl.

How can you enhance the night experience of a football game held in your home?

Football game nights are fun where you get a chance to cheer your favorite team along with your favorite people. However, hosting a Friday night night is not easy if you want to make it interesting. This is not just a bunch of people watching a game and eating breakfast.

To enhance the whole experience, you can add a few things to the game night. These elements will make game nights more enjoyable and one that your friends will always remember.

Decide on a theme

Choosing a topic is simple but make sure you do. Instead of wearing casual clothes, decide to wear your favorite team’s jersey together. Imagine how nice it would be wearing a team jersey and enjoying the game with your loved ones.

You don’t have to stop at the jersey because you can get customizable socks, hats, beanies, and many other types of merchandise. Go out with customizable beer mugs, snack helmets and many other items.

Stock food

If your food runs out in the middle of the game, it can cause trouble for you and your guests. Stock the snacks and main course before the party starts. Make a calculation and estimate how many meals you need. It is always better to have some extra food so that there is no shortage.

The remaining food can be eaten later, but it takes a lot of time to complete the deficiency. The same goes for drinks, such as beer or any other drink that your friends like. Keep beverages in ice so that your guests can have ice-cold beverages.

charging station

Game nights typically last longer, and your guests may need to charge their phones. It is not necessary, but it will be thoughtful on your part and will make your guests feel valued. Handle charging stations for required phone sets.

Your friends will not have to go home late at night without any charge on their phones. Apart from this, there is sure to be a selfie during game night, for which you need a charged phone.

Keep clean washroom

Having a clean washroom is a hygienic element that should be followed even when you do not have guests. However, when you are hosting a party, make sure that your washroom is clean and has all the necessities.

Keep a stock of toilet paper and hand wash near the washbasin. It would also be smart to have an air freshener and hand sanitizer in the washroom. As night falls and drinks start flowing more, people need to use the washroom again and again.

A good entertainment system

People with good entertainment system organize game night at their home. If you are thinking of upgrading your home theater, this may be the right time. The entertainment system will enhance your game night experience.

You can include an HD TV with a powerful speaker and a large screen. Also, make sure that you arrange proper bean bags or lounge chairs for your guests to sit on. The seating arrangement should be comfortable as you will need to sit for a long time.

Disposable cutlery

You do not need to take out your best cutlery for game nights. It is time to use disposable cutlery as you will be using it a lot. In addition, game nights are filled with a wide range of excitement and emotions. Such changes may occur if you or your guests accidentally break the cutlery.

Having disposable cutlery will eliminate this risk. You can choose environmentally friendly plates, cutlery and glasses for the game. Once the game is done, just pack them properly and throw them away.


You do not need to wait for a special occasion to gift something to your boyfriend. In fact, a sudden gift is the perfect way to enliven romance in any relationship. If your boyfriend loves football, you will get hundreds of options that can be a good gift for him. However, it is not enough for the special person in your life.

We have listed amazing options that are not only unique but touch the spirit of every football fan. Considering the gift options on our list will definitely bring a bright smile to your man’s face when he opens the gift.