Ten ways to repay mum for all the ‘mumpaid labour’ she has taken on this year

With financial insecurity, health concerns and social isolation becoming the norm, the past year has brought new challenges for many of us. Few have been more impressed than mummies and parents, who have had to take on new roles required in addition to the above – including homeschool teachers and family barbers.

Therefore, this Mother’s Day, we want to pay mums, parents, carers and maternal figures across the UK for all the hard work and extra unpaid labor we have taken this year. If you want to involve us in showing your gratitude, here are some useful things you can do to repay them for all that they have done.

But first, don’t forget to record your pledge to pay this ‘mumpaid labor’ using * our online counter *! We want to reclaim 100,000 hours of mumpaid labor by Mother’s Day 2021.

1 is Cook his favorite food

Man and woman are cooking

Nothing says ‘love’ as much as cooking a delicious meal to someone. So, this Mother’s Day, why not take the time to make your mommy something special?

Whether it’s her favorite morning pancakes with fresh fruit and maple syrup, or an impressive three-course meal featuring all of her favorite ingredients, show how much you have appreciated her for using the power of food this year .

If you can’t get in person with your mother, you can always leave her favorite baked treats or delicious food in a Tupperware container and leave it at her door. Or, bake some hardy that can easily be cut into squares – such as chocolate or trebeck – and package it carefully before popping it into the post.

It can take you an hour to cook a storm; It can take you three. But as long as you spend, don’t forget to pledge your time using our online counter!

2. Snatch her least favorite housework from her hands

What work does your mama do every week that her goat actually gets? Is it storing food weekly, waving the house, or taking out bins? Timing of equilibrium.

If you live with your mother (or want to support your partner), try to share more load. Take his least favorite weekly task out of his hands for good, so that he can enjoy some more-worthy time for himself each week.

3. Encourage him to take time to love something

For everything he has done over the past year, a great way to repay his mummy is to make sure he takes the time to do something for himself. Whether she loves running, walking, painting, or reading, give her time to do something that really pleases her.

To help you out, we will be hosting a series of free fun shows on Saturday, March 13. Each event will be designed to help mothers relax and enjoy this Mother’s Day. Check the itinerary and if there is something there that you think she would like, why not sign it up? From inspiring career talks to fitness classes and mindfulness sessions, there is sure to be something that is in his street. Explore what’s here.

४. Organize a family screening of your favorite TV show or movie

What better way to put your feet up and let your imagination run wild than watching a good movie? One thoughtful way to get your mom or partner to pay for everything over the past year is to arrange a family screening of their favorite film; Or, a movie you know Really Wants to see

The family is watching tv

You can host it virtually, for everyone to go to the zoom and play on the film at the same time (you want to go mute, of course)! You can agree to have a ‘timeout’ for snacks, a catch up and some quick reviews of the film, before watching the rest and finally coming together again.

This is a great way to connect with your mummy and other family members on Mother’s Day, even if you are not all in person together.

5. Give him a drink on your next weekend walk

Walking has been heavily featured in our weekend plans since the first COVID lockdown and it looks set to change anytime soon. So the next time you go for a walk with your mother, why not offer her a drink?

After all the hard work our parents, parents and carers have taken care of this year (and every year!), Treating them to a nice cup of coffee the next time you are out together Only you can do less. This is a cheap but thoughtful way to show them that you are grateful to everyone for what they do for you.

If you are not able to meet your mummy for a walk at this time, then pledge time through our online counter to pay it, so that you can treat her favorite drink to see her next time.

६. Print and frame her favorite family photo

After a year when we are all spending so much time, we never relied too much on memories of good times. So why not print and frame some of your family’s favorite family photos to bring these memories to life? If there are too many to choose from, you can also print all of them and put them in a photo album.

polaroid pictures laid out

This is a great way to prevent those classic family photos from getting lost in Facebook or Cloud’s collections, plus it would make for an extra thoughtful Mother’s Day gift.

Arrange to do a virtual special thing together

Most moms and parents appreciate some time for themselves every now and then. But there is nothing that most parents love more than spending quality time with their children and loved ones – especially after what we have done that year.

So why not arrange something fun online with your mother on this Mother’s Day? Whether you call her up for grabs, or both log on to the same virtual fitness class, doing something together online is a great way to feel connected and make memories, even if you’re not together in real life .

In the days of Red Letter, we have gained a lot of great experiences that you can book online and enjoy. Or you can buy her an experience gift, ready to use as soon as you can be together again. See our range of great gifts here.

Do a job around the house that he rarely does

Mother lives a busy life and always has to do a million and one things. So some less necessary work will inevitably be pushed to the bottom of the to-do list, until the magical pocket of crops is up. Why not deal with one of these tasks for your Mother’s Day (if you live with her)?

Some of the things you can do are: clean his car, clean the inside of the kitchen drawer, clean all the dirt outside the drawer of your home’s ‘stuff’, organize the curved cupboards, your Cleaning up dust from radiators, or getting rid of tins that sit in the back of a kitchen cupboard for decades. If you ask him, he has some other ideas as well…

९. Consider her for mother’s day change

Nothing you feel like a little pampering session. So, do you send your mom everything she needs in the post to give herself some TLC or is it enough to be with them and they should personally give her a sweetie session, why not give your mother on this Mother’s Day Treat it a little bit?

Made on a surface

You can send her some bubble baths, face masks and a new nail polish in the post; Or refill her sacred-makeup material to give herself a glow.

If you are able to be with her on Mother’s Day (and possess the necessary skills), you can offer her a special outfit for her Sunday lunch by choosing and doing her hair and makeup. She will feel like the star of the show.

10. Don’t just show your gratitude on Mother’s Day. Show it all year long!

We are campaigning to reclaim 100,000 hours of ing mumbad labor before Mother’s Day this year. But in fact, we want to encourage family members to share the weight with their moms, parents, caregivers, and parents during the entire year. This Mother’s Day is the last time you go to take ‘mummid labor’ out of your hands, do not let mummy get out of your hands. Let this be the beginning of a commitment to support your mum, spend quality time together, and just show her how much you care.