Sustainable Gastronomy Day

Sustainable Gastronomy Day : Gastronomy refers to a specific style of cooking from a particular region. it is celebrated June 18 Whole world. It is known as a study related to food and culture. The study also provides people with nutritional facts, cooking techniques as well as food science and more.

Sustainable Gastronomy Day

Sustainable Gastronomy Day
Sustainable Gastronomy Day


The day became effective as a resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 21 Decemberscheduled tribe, 2016 designated 18 June as Sustainable Gastronomy Day in its resolution A/RES/71/246. The day is significant as UNESCO, FOA and UNGA as well as various member states cooperate with each other. They have the same ideology and it was to create awareness about their huge role for sustainable development.

This day is celebrated to draw the attention of the world about the really important role of sustainable gastronomy in sustainable development. The day is also important towards ensuring that cultures and civilizations represent an important stage towards sustainable development.


Gastronomy also symbolizes cultural expression and highlights diversity. Sustainable gastronomy involves various things such as the origin of ingredients, the method of growing food as well as the way it is delivered to the market and then finally to the household.

An important attraction and idea of ​​gastronomy has been that it has been able to promote the consumption of sustainably produced local foods.

The FAO paints a sorry picture of how food is wasted or lost during production, which accounts for 1.3 billion tonnes annually. So, technically with food that goes to waste, there is a series of associated resources in the form of water, feed and seeds, labor and money that go down the drain equally.

Importance of celebrating International Day

The importance of celebrating any international day is to make the public aware by empowering the public on this issue. It helps to mobilize political will and resources to reduce or eradicate the problem. A special day like this also marks the beginning of celebrating this moment by strengthening faith in humanity.

What should be done?

There is a need to better strengthen the system of local producers and their food products by creating a polished network and this is done through Geographical Indications (GI). It is touted as a way to create a nutritious food system so that rural communities around the world can come to a stage of sustainable development. Therefore, as we become more sustainable, we are able to reduce wasting our natural resources without adversely affecting the environment.

Therefore, as we get the term ‘sustainability’, we make better use of the available resources in terms of fishing, agriculture etc. to prepare food where it is able to satisfy the thirst of the hungry stomach in the poor section of the society. Is. Gastronomy becomes a reason to celebrate the world’s cultural diversity by protecting nature, wildlife, as well as the world’s cultural traditions.

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