SuperSu Me APP Download {Latest Version}

Are you looking for SuperSu Me APP download? We have found the latest version of SuperSu Me APK for you but before download SuperSu Me v7.8 APK lets know more about SuperSu Me v7.8 APK and how it works.

Ever since smartphones have been in use, we have always try to use the best of it. Rooting the Android is the best method by which we can literally jailbreak the Read Only Memory (ROM), and then we can access more.

It gives solutions to problems like shortage of internal memory, the load on your RAM, removal of unwanted system apps like the default browser, etc.

Here, we are presenting you an app SuperSu Me and its detailed installation guide, but before that let us take a look on rooting.


As discussed above, rooting is a process of obtaining the complete access of an Android device. For example, you can’t delete a system app with the factory version of your phone or you may have to download some apps that are reluctant to move into the SD Card, eventually eating up your internal storage.

Here comes rooting. You can install numerous apps like Link2SD, Apps2SD, Files to SD Card, etc. and transfer the no-so-important system apps directly into the External Memory Card.

Rooting also helps you run some very high-end games that may not be compatible with your device. You can literally use the device however you want.

Generally, rooting is not recommended but in practice you find rooted devices working very well and limitless. Though it is useful, we do not guarantee if unfortunately, something unpleasant happens to the device.

Here is a list of some of the pros and cons that comes with rooting:



– Gives you full access to ROM.

– Gives you access to thousands of after-root apps.

– You can move/backup your phone’s system data to SD Card.

– You can over clock your phones Kernel.

Users can install other Operating Systems.


– Voids your device’s warranty.

– May led to system-malfunction (rare though)

– Can cause phone hard brick.

– You can witness some app-crashes.

– Your device may undergo some frequent reboots.

The hard brick part shows up mostly during the mistakes made during installations of custom ROM and is rare. Make sure that while rooting, your device has at least 50 per cent battery. Also, have a backup of all your data prior to the process.


There are some hundreds of apps to serve this purpose. However, some of the famous apps include KingRoot, ‘iRoot’, etc.

All you have to do is to install one of them and they will root your device.(You can find the above-mentioned apps on or off the market).

We are hereby posting some after-root guide so that you can use SuperSu as your default Root Access Management Tool.

SuperSu Me APP Download:

SuperSu Me Pro v9.8.9 (or ‘Super-Sume Pro’)

Why should you change your current root access management tool to SuperSu Me APP?

Apps like ‘iRoot’ or KingRoot reside in your phone but their constant popups become annoying overtime. Also, you don’t know about their permission accesses.

But, sadly, you can’t just uninstall them. It takes a proper process.

The solution is to install a better tool – SuperSu Me APP.

But, rooting is a su-binary type process. It means that at one time you can have only one root access management tool.

Here, you will need SuperSu Me Pro.SuperSu app serves two purposes together.

It deletes the previous root access management tool.

It installs SuperSu Me App in your Android device.

SuperSu Pro was developed by ‘gatesjunior’

For more information about the developer, you can read their threads on xda-developers.

Here are the steps you need to follow to complete the process.

The first thing you need is a properly rooted Android (v4.4 or up) Smartphone.

  1. Download SuperSu Me v9.8.9 APK from our website.
  2. On opening the app, you will see a pop-up asking for permission. Tap Allow.
  3. Tap Continue for pop-up updates (if any); press ‘Normal’ to respond to upcoming pop-ups.
  4. Upon successful installation, you will be asked to reboot the device.
  5. As stated above, you will see that KingRoot has been replaced by SuperSu.

Please take a note that you should not uninstall SuperSu Me App after you confirm removal of the KingRoot. The app will protect and block permissions to make it sure that the previous too doesn’t install itself again.


In case you wish to uninstall SuperSu, refrain doing it directly because it will led to the loss of the root.

You again need to replace it with your desired root access management tool.

WHAT IF THE SuperSu Me Pro is not working?

Here are the only two possible problems you may have faced after the installation.

  • You still see KingRoot in your device

Open KingRoot, go to its Settings and tap disable to silent any further self-installations.

  • You do NOT find SuperSu App installed

Go PlayStore™ and download SuperSu.

(Please ignore these two remarks if KingRoot has been successfully replaced by SuperSu).

If you ever see the KingRoot app again in the smartphone, check if you have disabled the silent installations because SuperSu Me App tries to install it over and over again.

Some of the remarkable features of the SuperSu Me App:

  • You can convert any app to system app.
  • You can launch the app from your dial pad (Instructions available).
  • It will always run in ghost mode.
  • You can temporarily remove the root your device if you want.
  • You can use the device even if the ROM isn’t booted properly.
  • It can be remove from your device permanently (completely)

Additional: How to launch it through the dial-pad?




It is a freeware available for the Android devices.

SuperSu Me App has been installed over 50 million times on Android devices.


Before uninstalling SuperSu Me app, you must switch back to your previous Super user manager so that you can restrain root or any other malfunctions with the device.

There is a small how-to guide available in the official description of the app in the PlayStore™.

Enjoy your new root management tool!!