Success Isn’t Luck, It’s Based on the Good Habits of Who We Become

I’m lucky I believe in luck. But my success was not met by luck.

You see, what we do everyday lays the foundation of our destiny in many ways. When we achieve our goals, the actions we take and the habits we form inform advanced versions of ourselves. From that place fate can be eternal.

Before we talk about practical steps to set yourself up for success and luck, let’s take a look at what we’re looking for first.

oh what do you think

Right now, you may be guessing what you expect to feel when you achieve your goal. Life will be better when you get there. You can already see yourself based on your personal achievement.

I want to tell you an inside secret. You don’t have to reach the finish line to start feeling the way you expect to feel when you reach the goal. We set goals, yes, because we have things that we want to achieve in our lifetime but we actually set them because we are going after the spirit that we hope to achieve those goals. Huh.

Simply put, our thoughts drive our feelings and emotions and you are in control of your thoughts. Yes, you are in control of your emotions, right now, at the moment.

Your first step is to articulate the feelings that your end goal will bring, then start bringing those feelings into your here and now.

For example, do you think that achieving a certain revenue goal will make you feel richer and less worried about paying your bills? Do you want to earn more income so that you can be more generous? How can you begin to practice those feelings of generosity and abundance today? What do you need to think in order to become more generous? What are you pondering while sleeping at night when you are in abundance?

When you start thinking about the thoughts that make you feel the feelings you desire, you’re really on to something because you’ve tapped into the energy of the flow, and it will get you to your goal much faster. Will go

new meet you

92% of people do not reach their goals. Why? Because it is hard work. Part of that hard work is becoming a new person. The person who climbs Mount Everest is not the same person who can currently climb a hill. Years ago I did a triathlon – I always like physical education to last. I wasn’t an athlete… I had to be a new version of myself in order to finish a triathlon. The version of me who was a triathlete.
Since I had never done a triathlon, nor was I close to an athlete, I had no prior experience. So I had to sit down and explain what my version of completing a triathlon looked like and more importantly, what felt like.

A sense of accomplishment, fitness, strength and confidence came to mind. Tapping into what I had to think and do to feel these feelings gave me a roadmap I needed to build before I ever crossed the finish line.

When you are in the process of reaching your goal you become the person who has achieved the goal.

Understanding the feeling you want and envisioning the person you want to be sets a solid solid foundation for the strategic part of reaching your goals. The absence of this foundation is the difference between goal achievers and goal seekers.

“Luck is when an opportunity comes along and you are up for it.” – Denzel Washington

yes you need new habits

To be the new version of you, you have to develop new habits. Why here…

95% of our day is driven by our subconscious mind. 95%! This means that, for the most conscious person, only 5% of our day is actually driven through our prefrontal cortex, the part of our brain where we perceive thought functions. The rest 95%? You guessed it, it comes from your habits.

So when you want to make a lasting change in your life, set yourself up for success by inculcating that change in your habits.

5 tricks to help you form new habits

#1. Get super specific about what you want to do.

Habits require clarity and routine. To create a new habit, you need to know in detail what that habit looks like and how you will implement it.

Let’s take a look at the difference:

  • Unexplained habit without routine: “I need to spend time on LinkedIn to help me build my business.”
  • Clean Habit with Routine: “Right after lunch on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I’m going to spend 30 minutes on LinkedIn. You then schedule this habit directly in your calendar.

#2. Habit is created when they are comrades.

Everyone talks about brushing their teeth and putting their workout clothes next to their toothbrush! But how many things can you keep next to your toothbrush?!

Think of other habits you can use to kick-start your new habit of quitting your toothbrush.

  • eating lunch
  • getting ready
  • taking a shower
  • cleaning the house
  • cooking dinner

Remember, you already have many subconscious day-to-day habits… Be creative and think about how you can take advantage of those habits you already have.

#3. Habits that require physical movement are very easy to embed.

It is so much easier to establish a new habit by doing something than trying desperately to do nothing. Consider it, it’s a lot easier to go for a walk after dinner than to prepare yourself for not having breakfast.
Your new habit doesn’t involve an exhaustive workout, but think about how you can build new physical cues around something. Maybe after dinner you boil water for a cup of tea instead of having cookies.

#4. Involving your senses makes it easier to reestablish new habits.

I am a complete chocoholic. I seriously didn’t think I couldn’t live a day without eating it. When I found myself eating too much, I knew I had to reinforce the habit. I found a cinnamon tea that I really like. The smell and taste of this tea has replaced my every day need for chocolate. A miracle, indeed.

#5. Lower the barrier of entry for your new habit.

Simply put, set yourself up for success. Want to cut down on the time you spend on social media? Delete the app from your phone. This will boost your awareness factor as well.
When you are aware of what you are doing or not doing, you are using 5% of your brain to make a thoughtful decision compared to relying on 95% of your brain Which decides on the basis of your subconscious.

Celebrate your luck!

Knowing that you have the ability to create your own success and yes luck is life changing. However, let’s not underestimate all our hard work. Be sure to celebrate your success and luck.

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