Struggles of Dating a Social Media Addict

Are you dating social media analytics? Does your BAE’s Instagram feed know more about his whereabouts? If yes, then ‘we see you’. Being ignored due to social media is quite shocking. Before our love vaccine gives you the remedy to get rid of addiction, let us discuss the things that you do daily. Here is the spread of conflict that one faces while dating a social media addict. read on!

You don’t mind at all

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When you are discussing something important, they start paying more attention to their phone. They use multiple social media applications simultaneously and do not pay attention to your problems. This happens often, and you feel ignored all the time.

Wait for the perfect food picture

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A social media addict needs to post everything on different platforms. They make you wait before eating the dish because they believe in clicking the right picture and showing it on social media platforms.

Instagram informs you of their whereabouts

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Your partner has no time to take calls and inform you about the day’s plans. The world knows about their activities, and so do you. But, the obvious source is their social media platform. Annoying right?

Every emotion is public

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Both of you had a fight or were on a date, the world knows all about it. A sad situation informs everyone that they had a fight and you can’t do anything about it!

Washroom is their favorite place

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We know that your BAE spends a lot of time in the washroom because it is the best place to scroll through everything on social media. They switch to their Do Not Disturb mode, and you wait for them to come out!

Batteries about dying – makes them worrying

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The most important thing for a social media buff is their mobile. They panic as soon as the battery signal turns red and the phone charger becomes oxygen-like for them. You are the one who handles all tantrums and is still patient.

The only cure for this addiction is to have your partner sit down and talk about all the above listed issues. Make rules and fix the time they spend on social media. It will take time but nothing is impossible when you smoke by your BAE!