Striking a Conversation with Dad made Simple

Father’s Day is on June 20 and it brings with it a lot of emotions and happiness. It makes us think about the love and respect we have for our father. It takes us back to our childhood and the nostalgia affects us. And, we suddenly realize that it has been a long time since we got heart to heart with him. We may have expressed our love by fulfilling all his needs and wants, but we all run away from having an emotional conversation with him. Is it really hard to walk up to him and tell him he means the world to you? to help you, We Have come with ways that would make striking up a conversation with dadA cakewalk! read on!

heartfelt letter

letter 1

written by shruti

Express your love for your dad by writing a heartwarming letter and make him realize that no one can replace the love you have for him!

sweet notes

#Thank you

Get ready to write thank you notes for him and talk about all the little things. From saying thank you to acknowledging your love, you can find inspiration for notes in our thoughtful ways!

personalized gifts

If you find it difficult to express your feelings in words, just pick your favorite childhood picture with your father and get it printed on a mug or cushion cover. Add a sweet note to it and a personalized gift will say it all!

Record and send your message

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Just use your mobile and record a message for your dad. Send her to any Messenger app and leave her in awe!

go for a walk

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Surprise her by waking up early in the morning and tag along with her in the morning walk ritual. This will bring an instant smile to his face and when you are walking side by side, you can tell him that you love him.

take her out to lunch

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Plan a fancy lunch with your dad and when there’s no one else to bother you, pass on the letter you wrote or just say it out loud! Make him feel special on D-Day because he deserves it!

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