Steve Coogan’s Net Worth (Updated 2021)

What is Steve Coogan’s net worth?


Steve Coogan is an English actor, comedian, and producer of Lancashire.

Coogan began his career in the 1980s, working as an artist on satirical puppet shows providing spitting images and voiceovers for television commercials. In the early 1990s, he began producing original comic characters.

As of 2021, Steve Coogan has total assets of $ 12 million.

early life

Stephen John Coogan was born on 14 October 1965 in Middleton, Lancashire. He is one of six children born to Anthony Coogan, an IBM engineer and a housewife named Kathleen. During the 1950s, his paternal father established a dance hall for Irish immigrants.

He studied at Cardinal Langley Roman Catholic High School. He has stated that his childhood was a happy one, and apart from having four brothers and one sister, his parents raised children on a short-term basis.

The business

Steve Coogan's Career

Cogan began his career as a comic and impressionist, acting regularly in Ipswich, before working for television artists as voice artist and satirical puppet show ‘Spitting Image’.

In 2010, he starred in the BBC sitcom ‘The Trip’, starring actor Rob Brydon and director Michael Winterbottom (both of whom he worked partially in the 2002 film ’24 Hour Party People’ and 2006’s ‘A Cock and Bull Story’ Reworked, reunited with) ‘.

He has played himself on screen many times. First, in a vignette of Jim Jarmusch’s 2003 film Coffee and Cigarettes with Alfan Molina.

Second, in 2006, Kogan starred alongside Rob Brydon in Michael Winterbottom’s A Cock and Bull Story, a self-referential film from Lawrence Stern’s “unfilmable” self-referential novel Tristram Shandy.

Coogan’s most acclaimed work to date is the drama-comedy ‘Philomena’, which he co-wrote, produced and produced with Judy Dench.

The performance earned him a Golden Globe nomination, among many other nominations (and a few wins). Philomena was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture.

As of 2021, Steve Coogan has total assets of $ 12 million.


Some of the best highlights of Steve Coogan’s career are:

  • The Other Guys (Movie, 2010)
  • Philomena (Movie, 2013)

Favorite Quote from Steve Coogan

“Look at all the American campaigners who were holding their pants down. They say one thing and they are doing another. I try to be more honest about it, both in my thinking and behavior. ” – Steve Coogan

“I no longer apologize for my behavior. Whatever I do or should not do does not matter. Moral certainty is dangerous. Moral certainty is what makes people go to war unnecessarily and illegally. Ethics, as any half-intelligent person will tell you, is a very subjective matter. ” – Steve Coogan

“It’s like Eversion therapy. You keep doing frequent scenes with three women in bed with you, and we had to do all of them in a week. Three girls step out and three other girls step into bed. It sounds like a fantasy, but by the end of it, I just wanted to go for a hike on my own in the hills in the north of England. Because it became a kind of “what do you want” kinda be careful to talk about. ” – Steve Coogan

“There were days when we used to say, what was in today’s paper is yesterday’s fish and chip paper. When I became successful, I gave myself a little pleasure. ” – Steve Coogan

“When it comes to morality, I would have a disloyal president like Bill Clinton, who tried welfare reform more than a loyal George Bush who preached an illegal war to the rest of the world. So that’s my morality.” – Steve Coogan

3 Life Lessons from Steve Coogan

Now that you know all about Steve Coogan’s net worth, and how he achieved success; Let’s have a look at some of the lessons we can learn from:


Time is an illusion. It is a boundary created by our brain. If we stop measuring everything and just enjoy every given moment, life is going to be a lot more exciting.

2. Life

True enlightenment comes at the moment when you understand the difference between your desire and your needs. When you awaken this understanding, you will feel that life has always provided you, cares for you, gives you everything you need.

3. Decision

The decisions you make are your decisions. And without examining yourself and what you want or need, you will find that you start doing your work and living your life for everyone and for yourself.


Steve Coogan is an English actor, Persian, writer, impressionist and producer who earned a net through his writing, production and acting in film and TV.

His breakthrough came with voice work on the long-running puppet show, Spitting Image, a weekly satirical review that took aim at others including Margaret Thatcher, Michael Jackson and Ronald Reagan.

By 2021, Steve Coogan’s total assets are estimated to be $ 12 million.

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