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Why have gift baskets become so popular both now and in the past? There are two main reasons. First of all, with a gift basket you are allowing a gift specialist to select the contents of the gift. They know which items are popular and which go well together in the basket. The second reason is convenience. With a few clicks of your mouse you can send an impressive gift anywhere in the country or the world.

Spa gift baskets are no different. Our experts have carefully curated spag gift baskets that the gift recipient will like, and that buyers will like to send. Our spa gifts are not just boring old clothes and slippers, our gifts include personalized tumblers, engraved pine crate packaging, and a beautiful assortment that makes it easy to find the perfect gift both in your price range, and exactly what you’re looking for. Are in your gift

Spa Gifts For Women

  1. Ooh Spa La – Personalized Spa Gifts

This exciting basket of gifts for the spa at home is perfect to spoil her with everything she needs at home. From sugar scrubs, to personalized wine tumblers, this popular spa gift basket has it all.

  1. A Dubbed Dubbed Scrub – Exciting Bath Gift Set

For centuries, bathing has been an essential part or comfort (and keeping clean). Help her enjoy a relaxing bath with this exciting bath gift set. With bath bombs, a bath pillow bath salts, sugar scrub, soap and a personalized wine glass, this gift is one of our most popular spa gift basket options.
  1. Indulge Yo ‘Self-Citrus & Lavender Spa Gift Box

This gift not only looks amazing, but scents are to die for. Between lavender and a citrus-themed spa gift, this gift is impressive and made with high quality ingredients.

  1. No Responsibilities – Luxury Spa Gift Basket

This gift has everything. And when I say “everything”, I mean everyone. With diffusers, large candles, bath salts and more, this gift is impressive in both quantity and quality.

5. I Have Way Past Stress – Relaxation Spa Gift Set

Who doesn’t want to get a massage? Do not spend hundreds in a massage parlor, use this relaxing massage gift box to relax in the comfort of your home.

6. Splash Splash – Affordable Bath Gift Set

This gift is equally relaxing and exciting. Also, who wouldn’t love a personalized engraved wine-free glass to enjoy their favorite red or white color while relaxing in their bath?

  1. Not It – Manicure Gift Basket

Did you know that the average cost of a manicure in 2020 is $ 22. Why not save some flour and get your manicure done at home? With everything you need to do a manicure at home, call your best friends and spend a manicure girls night at home

  1. Call Me A Toe Truck – Pedicure Gift Basket

Our feet take us so far where we need to go. Give them the TLC they deserve with this pedicure gift basket. With a nail kit, cuticle oil, lotion and more, this gift has everything you need to make your glowing toes.

  1. Oils Fair in Love and War – Relaxing Gift Crate

While essential oils are all the rage right now, they have actually been used throughout history. In modern times essential oils remain popular for both health and practical use to replace harmful chemicals at home. It’s time to pour your favorite oil into the diffuser, take a deep breath and sit back and relax. After all …… it is necessary.

  1. You are giving spacecraft the look – Beautiful spa gift basket

By one of our most popular gift boxes, this exciting spa gift box is perfect for the spoiled woman in your life. The almond themed gift box is pink and perfect for every occasion.

Spa Gift Basket For Him

As you can see, whether you are looking for a bath gift set or a discount gift box for your spa loving friends and fmaily, we have the answer. We are continuously adding new products to our lineup and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. Check out our spa gift baskets and more at