10 Sites Like 123movies to Watch/Stream Movies Online 2019

Looking for Sites like 123movies or 123movies.io to watch movies, series online. We got your back. Check out the list of websites like 123movies that works. NO sign up required. Just watch online and easy to download.

You may be eager to catch up on the latest movies. However, not everyone can afford the paid streaming sites like Netflix or Prime. So, what can be done? Would you have to give up your hope of watching those movies? Of course not. There are a number of sites that allow you to stream the movies absolutely free of cost. Yes, you are right. You don’t need to pay at all for these streaming sites.

You can watch movies and TV shows on these websites whenever you want. Plus, they are mostly easy to use with an extremely simple interface. They allow you to a wide range of movies depending on your preference. Whether it is action, drama, romance, fantasy, sci-fi or any other genre, you have a number of great options. It is almost like you are spoiled for choice! Don’t miss out on these great opportunities, go ahead and find the great movies you wish to watch via these incredible sites like 123movies.

1. BMovies

One great website that is used for this purpose is Bmovies. Bmovies is unique because of a relatively fewer number of ads compared to other sites of a similar type. The letter B in the name of the website can stand either for blockbuster or box office. There is absolutely no need to pay any fee or register for using this site, and it allows you to watch thousands of movies and TV shows. The only downside to it is that it is not legal in all countries, so make sure that it is legal where you are before trying it out. Bmovies is one of the best alternative sites for 123movies.

2. Xmovies8

sites like Xmovies8

Xmovies8 is a site whose name often leads people to mistake it for something else, however you don’t need to worry, for it is just another site for streaming movies and TV shows. It is another site which you can watch thousands of movies and TV shows on for free. You wouldn’t even have to download the movies and shows in order to watch them. Xmovies8 is the best sites like 123movies.

3. Vidics

sites like Vidics

One of the best sites like 123movies for streaming movies and TV shows online is Vidics. Besides being a great way to watch the movies and shows, it is also a great source for getting information about movies and TV shows. You can also use it to learn about your favourite movie and TV stars. Hence, the services offered by this fantastic website is not restricted only to watching movies or shows.

4. Fmovies

sites like 123movies Fmovies

One of the more popular streaming sites like 123movies is Fmovies. It allows you to watch movies and TV shows in HD. It includes movies and shows from a wide variety of categories, which include action, romance, drama, sci-fi, fantasy etc. It has an easy, user-friendly interface that allows you to watch movies and TV shows on it with great ease.

5. Rainierland movies

sites like Rainierland movies

Rainierland movies is a unique entertainment site that is in many ways different from other sites but similar sites like 123movies. It allows you to watch hundreds of quality TV and movies. It allows you to watch a number of excellent movies for free. Another unique factor about it is that it does not contain any ads. So, this site guarantees a fun, ad-free experience for everyone.

6. CMoveiesHD

sites like CMoveiesHD

CMoviesHD is another great site that would allow you to watch hundreds of movies for free. It also allows you to watch several excellent TV series. There are also several great documentaries you can watch through this website. It is definitely a great option if you are looking for great movies and TV shows.

7. Movies4U

Movies4U is another great website that allows you to stream hundreds of movies online. It has several popular and well-received movies and TV shows for you to watch for your pleasure. It is also totally free of cost, unlike many other entertainment sites. It is definitely a great source for obtaining entertainment on the internet.

8. Tinklepad

Another great choice is Tinklepad. Tinklepad is a unique website that allows you to stream thousands of movies frees. The movies you can stream for free range all the way from the classics to the latest flicks. It has an extremely simple, user-friendly that allows you to use the site with great ease. It allows you to look at and watch the best, top-rated flicks whenever you want.

9. Housemovies

Housemovies is another great option for those looking for free entertainment. It allows you to watch top rated high quality totally free of cost. There are a number of movies from a number of genres you can choose from. You have the choice to stream or download the movies. You can choose to download the movies in any print you like, according to your preference.

10. Moviewatcher

Moviewatcher is another excellent website you can use for streaming movies and TV shows. It charges absolutely nothing and you can choose between hundreds of movies and TV shows. You don’t have to register or pay any fee at all. You will be able to find most of the top movies and TV shows through this portal quite easily.

Those are just some of the amazing sites that would help you occupy rainy days with fun. You can binge watch your favourite movies and TV series all day long if you wish to. You can also tell all your friends about your favourite sites and earn their eternal gratitude. You can even plan out binge-watching sessions with them! Be sure to check the legality of these sites in your country as all sites are not legal in all regions.

However, in spite of all that you could still use many of them, which are legal. You don’t need to worry about registering or paying any money, all you need to have is a working internet connection! Definitely a great idea especially if you want to watch them with your friends and family! Just make sure that you would not get addicted to watching movies and TV shows on these sites like 123movies because they are indeed extremely addictive especially if you consider the fact that they are free!