Signs you’re Head Over Heels for Someone

Do you keep thinking about someone all day long? Are your nights about thinking and turning and thinking about that special person? congratulations! Cupid has played his cards, and you can be in love. The butterflies in the stomach, smiling without reason and eagerness to see them, are indicative enough. But, we have prepared its spread Hint you’re head over heels for someone The list that will clear all your doubts. Take the clue from our list, and express those three words aloud!

Can’t stop thinking about them and can’t stop

Can't stop thinking about them and can't stop

Your days are full of thoughts about them. What do they like to eat? Where is he / is he falling for me? When you smile with your crush, the former questions are what you think about the whole day.

Smile all day

Yes, this cliché is like a rom com. You really smile a lot, and no one knows the reason for this. Smiling is good for health, but it indicates a lot that you are in love!

Future plans sorted

Future plans sorted

From destination wedding to first vacation, you are ready with your bucket list. All you think about is a bright future with them, and it fills you with immense joy.

His fav color is yours too

His fav color is yours too

You start to like colors like dark red and pink. And, your favorite color is now the one they love the most.

Sticking to your phone

The phone

Your phone is now in your hands all day. You keep checking it again and again. As soon as their call comes, you jump with joy, and your heart starts beating fast!

Can’t resist saying those 3 words

Can't resist saying those 3 words

Every time you are with them or see them, you just want to say ‘I love you! All you want to do is hug them with kindness, romantic gifts and kisses. Are you still in doubt?

We have given you enough reasons. Are you all ready to express your love? Our list Hint you’re head over heels for someone You will point to all indicators. It is time for you to give your crush a dose of your love and make your happiness later!