Top 10 Shows Like Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot has always been considered as the most prominent psychological thriller show and in case you are looking forward to know more about some shows like Mr. Robot, then you are at a perfect place. We have brought up a good number of shows which are like Mr. Robot so that you can enjoy watching them whenever you feel like.

1. Black Mirror

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is referred as the one that is quite similar to Mr. Robot and this is just because both of them are majorly focusing on technology and its consequences. However, both of these shows are executed distinctly with the Black Mirror showcasing new characters as well as some new features. Since, there is an absence of linear storyline in this show; one can see it as a connection between the contemporary world, humans as well as the modern technologies. Also, each and every episode of Black Mirror has a new story, thus there exists no need for you to see the story from starting instead you can watch it from any phase as per your choice.

2. Legion


Solely focusing on the Marvel character David Haller, Legion is witnessed as a show that is quite similar to Mr. Robot. Legion is a science fiction that is completely based on the Marvel character and is mostly favoured by majority of the population. Not only the science fiction, but the viewers are also going to have an amazing experience while witnessing the varied characteristics and the elements of horror as well as the psychological thriller. In this show, the main character i.e. David Haller is playing the role of a person who has been suffering from Schizophrenia and that too at a young age.

3. Hannibal


Shows like Mr. Robot might be many and the Hannibal is counted as one of them. Hannibal is serving as a perfect blend of horror as well as thrill that is completely based on Thomas Harris’s novels Hannibal and Red Dragon. Here you are going to witness the rivalry between FBI officer Will Graham and a forensic psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Till now, there are 3 seasons of this show comprising of approximately 39 episodes and till the next season of Mr. Robot airs, you can undoubtedly enjoy the Hannibal.

4. Dexter


Nothing can beat Mr. Robot but many have found Dexter to be a more mysterious one as compared to Mr. Robot. However, due to it having a non-technological background many have not yet followed it but despite of this, its psychological thriller is known to be the common one similar to that of Mr. Robot. One shall witness some black comedy in Dexter and consider it as a crime drama. In this show, the main character i.e. Dexter is responsible for killing all the murderers and manageably escaping from the scene and this makes it somehow similar to Hannibal too.

5. Person of Interest

Person of Interest

Since, here we are discussing about the shows like Mr. Robot, the Person of Interest undoubtedly tops this list. It is accompanied with a theme of drama and science fiction that makes it highly similar to Mr. Robot and till now there has been the prevalence of five seasons of the Person of Interest consisting of 103 episodes. Harold Finch who is the main character of this story has been playing the role of a billionaire computer programmer who was responsible for the creation of a Super Computer prepared with the sole intention of taking out the required information about those people who have been formulating the terrorist activities.

6. Westworld


Are you striving to see something just like Mr, Robot but with some twist? If yes, then nothing’s better than the Westworld. It is quite similar to Mr. Robot in the sense that both of them are based on science fiction but here in the Westworld, there is the presence of a western background. In 1973, the movie Westworld was also released and taking some inspiration from the same, the show Westworld came into existence. Here, it shows an amusement park that is commonly known as the Westworld where the high paying guests can get a chance to complete their wildest fantasies with no worries on any issues.

7. Rubicon


Containing a dramatic element, the next show lined up that is known just like Mr. Robot is the Rubicon. This show has been considered to be the most favoured as well as the highest rated and watched debut show of the AMC series, but till now it has come out with only a single season incorporating approximately 10 episodes. Will Travers who is playing the role of an analyst worker at an institute of the American Policy is witnessed as the main character of this show. A show with a very interesting plot accompanied with a highly gripping story is what defines Rubicon.

8. Utopia


A complete pack of action as well as thriller, it is none other than Utopia. It is a show like Mr. Robot that has been known only for airing two seasons comprising of approximately 12 episodes. Irrespective of their less number of episodes, the show has continually managed to engross the viewers in its highly interesting story. Here, one shall not witness a single character but a group of many characters altogether. Here, the worst disasters of the last century have been predicted in the first part and the second part was out with the present century.

9. Mindhunter


Till now, you shall only witness a single season comprising of about 10 episodes of Mindhunter which have been aired, but still it has been passionately followed by many. This show has a backdrop of psychological thriller accompanied with a fine ratio of crime drama and it is based on one of the majorly prominent novels of all time Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit. Here, Holden Ford and Bill Tench try to solve out the cases after listening to the stories of the serial killers who have been imprisoned.

10. Orphan Black

Orphan Black

Shows like Mr. Robot constitute the Orphan Black as one of the most prominent ones in the list. It started from 2013 and ended on 2017 comprising of 5 seasons incorporating approximately 50 episodes. This show is exactly like Mr. Robot since it is a perfect fusion of drama, psychological thriller as well as science fiction. The lead role has been played by Tatiana Maslany who is known to play the role of multiple people who are each other’s clones.


I know you are going to be in a confusing situation on what to choose amongst the ones mentioned above, but how about seeing all of them one by one? Truly, this is going to be the best! Try it once!

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