Ready to fly the Phoenix? The ultimate guide to the new Zip World Tower

We are excited to launch Zip World Tower, the brand new South Wales location of Zip World, to open on 22 April 2021. The new site will be home to Phoenix, the world’s fastest seat zip line and the Zip World Tower coaster. (To be opened at a later date), which will be the UK’s and Europe’s only side-by-side carted coaster.

Zip World Tower vouchers are now available to purchase in advance on Red Letter Days, so you can start planning your adventures right now and will be one of the first to take on this adrenaline-fueled experience when it officially Opens next month. Read below for all the information on these new Zip World experiences and what to expect.


An introduction to Phoenix is ​​the fastest seating zip line in the world

From 22 April 2021, you will be able to fly to Phoenix! Designed for adrenaline lovers, this zip line will be the world’s fastest seating zip line and is located in Wales, here in the UK.

On this 4-man zip line, you will be able to fly in the air at an incredible speed, walking across two different zip zones, taking in the beautiful Welsh views of the Rigos Mountain Range.

This will make it a great experience to enjoy with all the family or group of friends – the only question is, who would dare fly a phoenix with you?

Take on the fun zip world tower coaster ride

Zip world towers

Along with the Phoenix Zip Line, the Zip World Tower also has a fun coaster ride, currently under construction due to open later in Spring 2021.

It is the only side-by-coaster of its kind in the UK and in Europe! Tied to the cart, you will take you on an epic journey through the historic and stunning Tower Colliery site. At more than a kilometer away, this coaster ride is loaded with thrilling turns, dips and steep climbs, but with how fast you go, it’s all down to you!

You’ll get two rides with your ticket, so whether you put on a break or soak in the scenery or get your speed up for an adrenaline-fueled ride, it’s up to you and your co-riders to decide.

Zip world tower prices

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Zip World Tower – New Experience for Spring 2021

Where is zip world tower locatedThe

Zipworld tower

The new Zip World location, called Zip World Tower, is located in South Wales and will be their fourth adventure location filled with new activities to attract lovers from afar. Located in Cynon Valley, in the center of the Rhigos mountain range, you will find the Zip World Tower located west of the A4061 highway between the Welsh cities of Hirwaun and Blaenrhondda.

The actual Coal World Tower site will be developed at the historic coal mining site of Tower Colliery (known as the Welsh) It was built to breathe new life into the region after the coal mines closed back in 2008 is.

Tower Colliery was the oldest working deep coal mine in Britain and the last of its kind in the valleys of South Wales. Its closure has affected the miners and their families and many people remain close to it and so it is hoped that Zip World will once again join the local community to use and preserve this permanent heritage in a new way Will provide ample opportunities for Rich history of the site.

When Zip World Tower launches on 22 April 2021, it will become a tourist adventure destination worldwide. Come and explore the picturesque scenery, having lots of fun and be challenged for new activities like no other!

Are there any age or health restrictions?

As with all adventure activities there are some age, weight and health restrictions to be aware of. Any unsure should call Zip World directly on 01248 601 444, who are always happy to discuss it in more detail.

Phoenix Zip Line Ban

Ages Minimum age is 7 years
Note: Anyone under the age of 17 must be supervised at all times by an adult
The height Minimum height 3’11 “
Maximum height 6’8 ″
Weight Minimum weight 4st 10lb
Maximum weight 18th 12lb

Zip world tower coaster ban

Ages Minimum age is 9 years
Note: Children ages 4–8 are able to go on a ride with an adult
Weight Minimum weight 4st 7lb
Maximum weight 18st 9lb

What do I need to wear to participate in experiences?

Due to the terrain and adventurous activities you are doing, it is recommended to come in comfortable clothes that do not make you feel a little sloppy; And flat casual shoes like trainers.

What facilities does Zip World Tower have?

To ensure your journey, Zip World Tower has many facilities, including:

  • Free car parking
  • Toilet
  • Cegin Glo Restaurant
  • Video and photo package
  • shop
  • Locker – £ 1

You are also welcome to eat your own food and drink, if you wish.

Gift the perfect Zip World Tower voucher for a special occasion

Zip world tower

Since Zip World, launched in 2013, it has been a popular adventure gift given by many and has tested us many new challenges and dreams of the bucket list, which have created wonderful memories to live with us throughout our lives .

On red letter days when you order your voucher, you will have the option to package it in a beautiful gift box or send it via e-voucher depending on your choice and time. Our vouchers come with a validity period of 20 months so that you can be assured on booking now, to enjoy at a later date when you or your family and friends are ready to do so.

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