Top 10 Rainmeter Themes to Download in 2019

Are you looking for Rainmeter Themes for your Computer/Laptop. We have created a list of top 10 best Rainmeter Themes to Download in 2018 for window 7/8/9/10. Lets check it out.

First let us tell you about Rainmeter. RainMeter is a software through which you can apply any RainMeter themes or Themes on your Windows PC. So there is no problem custom your Window interface in the Windows version 10, 8.1, 7 from now.

Let’s start to know how to enable or work with rain meter Themes to apply it on your PC. Many of the users getting bored in using the old default themes. Some of them think that there is no option except changing backgrounds to customize the Windows interface. But no there are many better options to change or customize your desktop notification icons and interfaces. Before applying the Themes you need to know or get clear about the RainMeter. So here on the next point, we are going to discuss it.

What is RainMeter?

RainMeter is a software which shows the themes or themes in your windows interface to change app icon, to change the theme of battery meter, WiFi, sound, media player, etc. and more. Once you install the theme it will automatically change the overall visual experience of the Windows Interface. So you need to download the RainMeter at first to install on your PC. To download the current version of RainMeter you can visit the official website of RainMeter or Click Here to get it now.

Top 10 Best RainMeter Themes 2018 for Windows 10/8/8.1/7

Some of the best top rated RainMeter Themes for Windows PC in 2018 is given below. Besides the name of every skin, you can get the downloading link from various sources against each skin. Click on the title of the Themes to start downloading it.

Battlefield 3

This is gaming theme in which you can find the custom side bar on the right side of the window. On that side bar, you can insert your favorite app or shortcut which you need always. Get custom clock and date widget on the screen with live weather updates and all. Besides that, you can access all the best shortcuts which you regularly need from the desktop screen only. Those users who need to custom their PC into an original gaming console then they can definitely use this theme to give the proper visual effect.

battlefield rainmeter themes



if you are an Iron Man fan then you’ll definitely like this rainmeter skin. JARVIS Rainmeter is one of the best rainmeter skin for windows 7, 8 or windows 10. It will make your computer desktop look like iron man’s JARVIS computer.

 rainmeter themesDownload

Windows 2019

Popular RainMeter skin for Windows is  Windows 2019. It provides one best icon pack with the customizable quick notification bar. Get news, feeds, weather updates, Music control in a single screen only. The main advantage of using this skin is that it gives you the proper arrangement to decorate your desktop screen and access get your apps in a finger tip. Choose the customised icon to change the look of your default icons of Windows. If you keep connecting your PC to the internet then you can get live notification of mail, weather, events etc.

windows-2019 rainmeter themes


Darkness Falls

This a night view skin with a dark scenery besides your interface. If you always like the dark interface in your PC screen then definitely you can go for this skin only. Starting from the wallpaper, widget, icons everything you can change into the dark mode only. Also get the instant on/off button in the below panel with icon notification and more. The new interface provides every user a best visual experience at all. This skin really makes the work of user so much easier than before with customised widgets and all.

darkness-falls-rainmeter themes



To convert a very user-friendly interface for accessing your PC then definitely go for Obsidian RainMeter skin. It creates a step like structure on the PC screen by arranging the useful icons and widgets on your main screen. The main visual of the screen looks like an architecture model in which every apps or shortcut remain arranged in a block like structure. Pick any one of your apps and arrange in this block to get access them instantly. One of the best extra ordinary looks will you get while using the Obsidian Rainmeter skin on your PC.


Mass Effect Skin

The main focus of creating this skin is to provide one Aero effect on your desktop screen. Apply this skin once to get the actual aero theme based visual experience. Earlier we need to use various aero wallpapers or back grounds on our PC. But only the backgrounds do not fulfill the actual need of the user. As user need to change the overall looks like an icon, background, folder style, etc. So by using the Mass Effect skin you can able to change all the user needed items in your desktop. Get the time, date, music player, weather etc, widgets on a single screen also.


End of the World

One of the imagination theme to change your desktop visuality then use the End of the World theme. This looks like an imagination scenery that what it may look while the World will get destroyed for ever. This is not based on any real scenario. So the whole skin pack is built under the imaginary scenario of the end of the world. Thus here you will see the half ended background of the earth with effective looks on your screen. Besides the background, you can also get change the customised icons, widgets, clock etc.


Bottom Line

That’s all about the top 10+ best RainMeter themes or skins through which you can completely replace the old, boring and dull look of your Windows PC with window 7/8/9 or 10. Besides these rainmeter themes, you can also get many other skins which also you can apply on your PC following the same method as given above. For all the Windows users we have given all the download links of each skin with the Rainmeter software to install on your PC. Hope you all are satisfied with the content which we have discussed above rainmeter themes.