Persistence – Motivational Speech – Fearless Motivation

Persistence – Motivational Speech – Fearless Motivation Mo

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Speakers: Jovan Glasgow, Chris Ross

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Persistence… nothing can take its place… there is no substitute, no replacement for it.

Persistence… it’s a word that has so much power.

Persistence … to set a goal … to have a dream … and do not stop until you achieve what you want.

Persistence is a quality of conquerors… I believe it is within all of us and if it is within all of us… it must be within you.

Nothing great can be achieved without perseverance because nothing great happens to those who give up when the going gets tough…

The spirit to persevere with challenges, the strength to persevere in difficult times… that’s what will take you from the bottom to the top.

Many people don’t have perseverance… and that’s why many people don’t have the life they want.

These days…most people are looking for shortcuts…the new secret sauce…the next get rich quick scheme…or the next super secret ingredient…but truth be told…the secret is to start…keep going and never stop…not through success and completion Kind of never through failures or challenges… that’s the time you should persevere.

We all want to win fast, but greatness takes time! You can’t rush your greatness, you have to give time… If you don’t want to spend time you don’t deserve the rewards.

If… in any field of your choice… you are willing to go far… are willing to improve and move forward… you will… eventually come out on top… it really is that simple

Set your goals and keep moving forward. Just don’t… never… wait.

Read the stories of any great entrepreneur, inventor, sportsman… they all have one thing in common – persistence. They stayed in the game longer than their competitors… they refused to accept the temporary defeat as a permanent failure… kept going no matter what… and finally got their prize.

Life… it’s a journey… a beautiful journey but a difficult journey. It could be Heaven or it could be Hell and many people would claim that it is Hell – if you are one of those people you can get out of that Hell – and the first place to start is your own Changing the mindset of It might not be what you want to hear, but it’s the only thing that’s going to give you a very different life.

When you have strong goals, and your mindset is strong – you can face more, you can take more, you will be more determined, and because of all this, you will win more and enjoy life more.

Never stop moving forward! Never!
Obstacles…challenges…temporary defeats…whatever comes…keep going!
Know that the only way to fail is to give up.
Keep going and in the end you will win.
Don’t wait!
do not give up! Commit yourself!

Will the journey be difficult…yes
Will you wait… no!!
Would you mind leaving…. Yes… but will you leave…. No!!
You won’t give up if your goals mean something to you!
Make goals so powerful that it becomes impossible for you to give up!
Goals so powerful that… When the world is against you… Friends are against you… You can also be against yourself… You’ll dig deep and stay… through anything!

You don’t need talent. You don’t need to be the best. You don’t need to be the smartest… you can even start at a loss… but if you’re so committed to your goals that you’ll stick through anything… I guarantee you am… eventually, one day you will come on top and yes!!! it will be worth it!

If you persist, you will give something. If you persist… things eventually go your way.

Most people don’t go the distance… you have to be willing to cover the distance! It can take you years to get to where you want to go…Most people don’t commit for years…they hardly commit to 5 minutes…I don’t know about you, but I think a few years of trading Better to struggle for the glory of a lifetime.

Set your goals, keep going and don’t stop!

You say you want it? Well… you have to put in long hours, you have to put in overtime, go the extra mile, extra steps, late nights, sleepless nights, hard times, impossible times. They are tests sent to you to prove that you are worth it…

Life is going to test you, it’s going to throw everything in your way… I think these things are sent to see if you really get what you say you want .

Not everyone is willing to give their all to get what they want, the majority will give up at any sign of resistance… but you have to be in an unusual group of people who know what they want and as long as They won’t stop until they get it.

What can stop the invincible?
I ask again?
What can stop the invincible?!
What can stop the invincible?
I ask again?
What can stop the invincible?!

Not every day is going to be good, whatever you try it won’t work, you won’t always hit it out of the park and you’ll probably fail many times so you will succeed but what if you set your goals and goals and just never Didn’t stop moving towards them?

Just imagine what you could achieve if you always put in that extra effort… sent that extra e-mail, put in the extra work, worked overtime, did an extra set, an extra rep, the extra mile… how great your life would be Now what if ten years ago you always decided to do extra? There’s no point in crying about it now – but don’t look back in another ten years and wish you did something else… Don’t look back in 1 year and wish you keep on facing the challenges.

Set your goals now and write a commitment to yourself:
Until I achieve this goal, I will stay!
I will not stop… under any circumstances until I find a way to make my goal my reality.

Yes, there are people who can be more talented than you, who have more money, more opportunities, more support, more help, more potential, more everything… but perseverance… you will be equal… your secret weapons.

It is within you, you are special and it is within you!
keep moving forward…

Many people don’t have perseverance… and that’s why many people don’t have the life they want.

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