Perfect Guide to Celebrate Valentine’s Week

February brings romance with her and fills our hearts with love and anticipation. Valentine’s Day falls on 14 February and our wait for Valentine’s Week is about to end. While many couples are familiar with the importance of Valentine’s 7 days a week, others are clumsy. To celebrate the much-awaited romantic week, you must have all the knowledge about all the days. Here is the perfect guide to celebrating Valentine’s week with your sweetheart that will fill you in on everything you need to know. Take a look at our valentine week list now and turn on your soulful mode!

Rose Day – 7 February

Rose day

Dedicated to your deep love for your partner, Rose Day is all about beautiful flowers and what they mean to you. Red rose is a symbol of love and passion. White roses are given with the intention of friendship. Each rose stands for a different emotion, and you can express them by choosing one that suits your feelings for the receiver.

Gift Ideas for Rose Day: Gorgeous bouquet of red roses, rose plant, foam teddy bear, happy rose day led cushion

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Proposal Day – 8 February

Proposal day

In Valentine’s week, Propose Day is celebrated on 8 February, and holds great importance. On this day, you can express your love and ask your love interest, whether she would like to be your Valentine or not.

Gift Ideas for Proposal Day: Love Message Bottle, Gorgeous Flower Arrangement, Plant, Propose Day Printed Cushion, Red-Velvet Cake

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Chocolate Day – 9 February

Chocolate Day

Chocolate brings a smile to everyone’s face. To coat the week with sweetness, you can surprise your sweetheart with a packet of handmade chocolates or their favorite ones.

Gift Ideas for Chocolate Day: Chocolate Cake, Handmade Chocolates, Chocolate Hampers

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Teddy Day – 10 February

Teddy Day - 10 February

Teddy Bear is already full of love and makes for a great cuddle friend. Teddy Day is about giving your Valentine an adorable teddy bear that they can hang out with you while you’re away.

Gift Ideas for Teddy Day: Teddy Bear, Foam Teddy Bear, Chocolates, Teddy Bear Themed Cake, Teddy Lamp

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Promise Day – 11 February

Promise Day - 11 February

Promise Day is celebrated on 11 February and is one of the most important days of Valentine’s Week list. This day shows the importance of love and commitment in a relationship. You can promise your partner that changing your love for them is not going to happen.

Gift Ideas for Gift Day: Scented Candles, Promise Day Message Canvas Scroll, Love Bottle, Greeting Card

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Hug Day – 12 February

Hug Day - 12 February

On February 12, it is time for you to give your Valentine a warm hug. Hug them in your arms and tell them that you will always be there for them. A hag expresses all that is in your heart and leaves no room for words.

Gift Ideas for Hug Day: Hug Day T-Light Hollow Candle, Hug Day Message Canvas Scroll, Happy Hug Day Printed Emoji Cushion, Money Plant in Love and Hug’s Mug

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Kiss Day 13th February

Kiss Day 13th February

13 Feb Get ready to seal your promises and love with a kiss and start a new journey with your Valentine. A kiss is the most emotional way of expressing your love, and that says it all.

Gift Ideas for Kiss Day: Day T Light Hollow Candle, Kiss My Designer Cake Kiss, Kiss Day Message Canvas Scroll

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Valentine’s Day – 14 February

Valentine's Day - 14 February

The last and most memorable day in Valentine’s week is Valentine’s Day. All romantic days lead to the day where the couple go on a date and say the three words they were longing for. This day is about pampering your Valentine and getting them off their feet.

Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day: Happy V-Day personalized plaque, plants, flower arrangements, designer cakes, personalized cushions, jewelery, digital gifts

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