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Pavitra Kumar Is an internet marketer by profession and a blogger by passion. He is also known as an SEO expert. His deep love and interest in blogging is reaching sky heights day by day. And this extraordinary journey of blogging will continue to achieve many other milestones and will certainly create a benchmark for others to follow.

Pavitra Kumar BSunday: Holy was born 29 February 1992 In Mala Colony – Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Pavitra Kumar Family: Holy was born Shri Parimal Mandal And Mrs. Meena Rani Mandal. He has two younger siblings, brother Pramod, and sister Sunita. Currently, the family is residing in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi (India)

Pavitra Kumar Education: 27 years old, surname (Povi)Completed his schooling from Uday Public School, Mala Colony-Pilibhit, UP. He did his graduation MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly In B.Com. Later again in the year 2015, he enrolled himself. Digital marketing program From “SkillCircle”– Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi.

I continued my studies Digital marketing program, He developed a keen interest in the world of digital marketing. In 2016, he started his website called Blogada. He himself is a successful founder and editor of this blog website. And on 10 August 2016, He started a blog website Meanwhile, he was also working In form of “Social media executive”. Then in July 2017, he switched Bajaj Capital Ltd. Where they worked “Senior SEO Executive” For about two years. But this lifestyle was not his cup of tea, so eventually he pursued his passion and became a full-time blogger.

His love for blogging and the blogger community helped him stand out from the queue and made him realize his true potential. This SEO expert has written about various influential topics from the digital world about SEO blogging, social media, WordPress, link-building and other online internet strategies.

With the support of his blogging sites, he is providing a user-friendly experience for anyone who runs their own blog or wants to become a blogger by starting a blog. BlogDada provides a platform for writers to present their writing to a large audience and to interact with them. One who is self-driven and excited about gaining insight into the field of blogging will definitely love his style of blogging and work. Even if you are interested in guest posts and interviews, you can definitely reach him.

Amit Mishra – Triotech: She was recently featured on YouTube covering her blogging journey on YSQ.

Now that we know that Pavitra is a master-mind behind the success of “Yourself Quotes”, let’s explore some of the most influential Pavitra Kumar quotes that will supercharge a blogger in you.

Pavithra Kumar Quotes

“Talent does not make you successful, work ethic makes you successful.” – Pavithra Kumar

Pavitra Kumar quote

“You don’t have to prove anything if you’re right. Just try and be right and give yourself time.” – Pavithra Kumar

Pavitra Kumar herself said

“Successful blogs don’t just provide information – they provide an experience for the reader.” – Pavithra Kumar

Pavithra Kumar Blogging Quotes

“SEO is not magic or luck, it is long term hard work and investment.” – Pavithra Kumar

SEO Quotes by Pavithra Kumar

“Do not waste your entire life which was withdrawn.” – Pavithra Kumar

Quotes on pavitra kumar life

“Never underestimate “Peace”, It answers every major question over time. ” – Pavithra Kumar

Pavithra Kumar Quotes Picture

“Your only competitor is you, so just focus on yourself and reach the limit that is the sky.” – Pavithra Kumar

Quotes by pavitra kumar

“Be transparent, honest and generous in your approach and see yourself growing.” – Pavithra Kumar

Quoted by Pavitra Kumar himself.

“There can be many obstacles in your success path, but don’t get distracted and reach your goal with confidence.” – Pavithra Kumar

Success quotes by pavitra kumar

“The rules have changed, you need to brand yourself and reach the digital world. Otherwise, you cannot achieve your dreams. “ – Pavithra Kumar

Branding Quotes by Pavithra Kumar

“Affiliate marketing is not about promoting multiple products, but about promoting the right products to the right audience.” – Pavithra Kumar

Quote by Affiliate marketer Pavitra Kumar

Last Words: –

Pavitra KumarIs a mastermind behind the success of Is a young entrepreneur who ventured into the world of blogging 5 years ago and today he is a champion and is enjoying it Passion as a successful blogger In the blogging community.

His experience in blogging is so exciting and amazing. In addition to blogging, he has a recognizable expertise in SEO. His work is counted among the best blog directories registered by the best select bloggers. They are a variety of featured bloggers.

If you too have a fire inside you to become a blogger, you can share your content with them online and have the opportunity to post your content live on their website. In addition, you can post different types of blogs in different regional languages.

The latest news from blogger, Pavitra Kumar, is that in the year 2020, she has entered a new platform. Youtube. Now you can get a special opportunity to portray yourself on social media platforms.

I hope you are excited to know more about this talented blogger now, if yes then visit the mentioned link and get more information about him and his style of work.

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