Newly Launched Plants for the Season of Love

everybody Loves Somebody! And when he loves someone with a ‘plant’, you are forever committed! People who have a heart beat are usually more kind, loving and selfless. If it reminds you of someone, celebrating Valentine’s week becomes easy! All you have to do is look for beautiful plants that will express your love on your behalf! Have a look at these Newly launched plants Playing some soothing melodies in the back!

Jade plant in personalized ceramic vase

Jade represents plant development and renovation. A white colored individual planner will complement the emerald green leaves of the jade plant and make for an extraordinary Valentine’s Day gift.

White pothos plant in love pot with stand

A white potho plant in a brightly colored planter with a lovely heart on it is another great choice for a thoughtful gift.

Jade plant in love pink pot with decorative quotes

Let’s grow up together, there are words that are of great importance, and have a deep meaning. Propose to your Valentine by giving him / her a jade plant which is placed in a pink pot with a romantic quote, and make your D-Day a memorable one.

Golden money plant in love cut pot and candle pot

Surprise your sweetheart with a money plant in an adorable pot and make her happy. A candle pot and a scarlet planter will enhance the money plant and the entire look of your Valentine’s Day setup!

Hoya plant in red heart pot

The Hoya plant is the perfect plant for Valentine’s Day. Choose a red heart pot that has a Hoya plant and you are all set to woo your sweetheart!

Hoya Plant at ILU Antiquities Bottle Planter

If you are looking for a chic gift for your partner, then a Hoya plant in an antiquity bottle is made for you. A stunning bottle planter with a Hoya planter will make for an extraordinary gift!

One layer bamboo plant in clear cone heart stand

A bamboo plant brings luck wherever it goes. Choose a bamboo plant that is in a clear conical heart stand for your significant other. This will not only bring luck, but also make a great home decor piece.

Explore them all Newly Launched Plants for the Season of Love As they will make for the most suitable gift for the love of your life! Let us know how your surprise turned out in the comments section below.