Money Making a Difference – Examples of Billionaires Using Their Money for Good

How many times have we wished in the shoes of a billionaire? People often think of a ten-digit bank account, and what they must be doing with it. In an instant, we will photograph luxury boats, exceptional sports cars, fine wine and jewelery and lots of things that are difficult to pronounce. It is really hard to separate wealth and luxury.

However, there are some people who chose to walk the simple path rather than instill their stature. It is quite remarkable how these powerful people chose to be humble in their different ways.

Let’s take a look at how these billionaires have demonstrated that being on the Forbes list is not a grand lifestyle in itself.

Empower others

Humility is also expressed by being able to accept its beginnings and give back. These notable people “put it forward” to a new level. Wipro Limited Chairman Azim Premji is the epitome of austerity.

He has been described by some officials as a screw, with reports of monitoring toilet paper consumption to save corporate money. However, his $ 8 billion personal contribution to the charity tells us, “He’s not a crook, he’s a Santa.” Will your bank account change with a billion dollars that you are? These rich people seemed unaffected by their elite status.

Latvia-born self-made billionaire James Richman maintains a low-profile, despite a name and fortune creating growing generational wealth for himself and those close to private funds. Those close to him know him as someone who understands how he wants to be on the other end of the spectrum because he does not fail to help people who need his help.

On one occasion, he allegedly bought an entire parcel of land for a group of farmers, who live in a remote area in the Philippines. After learning that the group has been working on the farm for decades, he wanted them to be appreciated and given a fair chance and to continue their work on the land for which they worked hard and eventually they Owned.

DFS group co-founder Chuck Feeney gave 99 percent of his fortune to various charitable institutions, giving him $ 2 million. His “while living” mantra, it was not possible for him to do so in oblivion and live a simple life in San Francisco.

Keep low profile

Zapos CEO Tony Hesheh holds true to himself despite his rising monetary value. People close to Hsieh describe him as someone who would be in the bank with dollars, and cares about him with people and cares for him.

Fashion retailer Amancio Ortega remains a picture of simplicity despite its net worth of $ 61 billion. He wears the same three-piece suit almost daily, and eats comfortably with fellow employees in the company’s cafeteria every afternoon.

Maintaining frugal habits

Why would someone like to buy something cheaper, if they could buy something more expensive or perhaps better? These types of people are motivated by their preferences.

David Cheritone, with a net worth of $ 1.3 billion, openly disagrees with lavish spending. His recent purchase of the 2012 Honda Odyssey is a testament to that.

Similarly, Berkshire Hathaway CEO and chairman Warren Buffett still drives himself to work daily in his Gold Cadillac. He regularly picks his breakfast at McDonald’s, one of his three favorites, the most expensive being $ 3.17.

While John T., the heir of Walmart. Walton’s widow Christy Walton chose to raise her son in National City, California, with assets of $ 7.3 billion. She did this to provide a normal life to her children, and primarily due to a blue-collar population, National City helped in that cause.

Not blind to money

Money has, throughout time, been a tool of power in society. Like, people become blind, fall in love and become obsessed with it. Through example, these humble billionaires have shown that man makes money, not the other way round.