Mini Militia Mod Apk Download – Get Unlimited Health Ammo and Nitro

Are you looking for mini militia mod apk with unlimited health ammo and nitro. We are going to share mini militia mod by sahad ikr. Also you can find mini militia pro pack download and mini militia mega mod apk. We have shared a trick to get mini militia unlimited ammo and nitro so download mini militia pro pack with latest version mini militia 2.2.52 pro pack or mini militia 2 mod apk.

HI, Today I will share you, all about the Mini Militia hack mods, what it is and how it works and precautions to use these types of mod versions, under the same roof.

So without anymore wasting your valuable time, let’s start our topic.


In this type of mod version of the Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia game, you can play in the custom room of the game without dying, not matter how much bullets, bombs and rockets you take on your body.


. You can play mini militia custom game rooms.
. Unlimited Health.
. Always use First Default gun in your hand don’t change gun and don’t pick up the gun
from the floor. ( That’s because of hack detection )


As most of the players, playing this type of the mod versions, don’t even know how this mod version works but it is pretty most important to have some knowledge about it. For that you need to know a file called, which is at the core file of Doodle army 2: Mini Militia game which is found under the root file of the game, which contains all the information of the games from starting to the end, including characters move, guns, bombs, rockets, etc.

Engineers and hackers modify this file which contains information about how health decreases on a shot and manipulate it by setting the decrements on a shot by the ball to zero. So, in this way, health is never reduced and we receive an unlimited health hack for Mini Militia.


An interesting continuation of the first part of the game, try to survive you are a very dangerous jungle, in which many enemies were hiding. Take your weapons into your hands, and make your way, get out of them unharmed with the help of this pro packs, in which you can play pro version of the game without actually buying the pro pack from the play store which cost around 1.40 $ .

You can download this version from the many source from the google search by typing Mini Militia Pro Pack Latest Version Download in the search box.


In this type of mod version of game, All mini militia avatars are included and all mini militia avatars are unlocked, you have unlimited health and the most I like and I think many others are also like to kill their enemy to be stay in the air i.e Unlimited nitro. The Mini army is the best army since it’s not hurting on real sense.

In this version also hackers access the main file of the game i.e, and modify its ammo and nitro to infinity.

You can download it from the google search engine by typing mini militia unlimited ammo and nitro download.


This hack and mod version by Sahad Ikr is the Mini Militia God Mode version which you are free to do anything without worrying about anything, version known as ( One Shot Death Unlimited Health And Ammo and pro pack with everything unlocked ), is the most advanced mod version available in the market.
It is the latest version of Mod by SAHAD IKR .

> Features of Mini Militia Mods :

. Pro Packs
. Unlimited Health
. Unlimited Ammo
. Unlimited Nitro
. One shot kill
. All items Unlocked in the shop and are available .


. Uninstall old mini militia before installing mod (MUST)
. If you can’t Download in UC browser try other browser, I recommend chrome or default
phone browser.


The latest version in the market is the Mini Militia 4.0.11 Mega Mod Pack
( Unlimited Nitro + One Shot Kill ) .
It has all the feature from the unlimited health to the one shot kill, i.e you are playing in the GOD MODE . You will able to kill any enemy in just one shot, but they removed unlimited ammo because it causes so much problems, mainly there are three are as follows i.e added 2 or 3 new maps, you can also see the health bar of the other players including your too and a some new guns and many more new features which is cool but not good for hacked versions.


We had already discussed about the Mini Militia Pro Pack but this is about the latest version of this MOD i.e version 4.0.11 which has pro pack and all shop items available, and has also new characters and robots.


I think this is the first version of the pro pack of the Doodle Army 2 Mini militia which is available in the market so long ago by the hackers and Modulators of the apk game.

We all are very much happy and excited to play this new version of this game when it comes because before that we all are playing the official version of the game which doesn’t have pro packs available for all the players and there is also, few characters present.

But when this version came to us, we experience many new features and also from that new hacks are also evolved after that which has the features unlimited health, unlimited ammo, unlimited nitro,one shot kill and go anywhere in the maps. This all features available till date now.


v.2.2.52 Release Notes :
. Enhance Wi-Fi / LAN game setup controls ( like seen in custom games )
. Fix bluetooth incompatibility versions bug
. Add ban during game play option to host controls for custom games
. Fix for 4.0.x “double tap” bug
. Added parts to store Cricket shirt (India), pants
. Added cricket helmet to store mask pack
. Added martial art warrior avatar

Requirements: 3.0 and up Android Version .

Thanks you all of you being with me in this article .